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Currie woman arrested for assault

SLAYTON -- Assault charges were filed Monday against a Currie woman who allegedly told the arresting officer he should be charging her with attempted murder.

Sandra Jayne Boltjes is facing charges of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic assault and terroristic threats.

According to the criminal complaint, a Murray County Deputy was dispatched to Currie Sunday evening after a young girl called to say her aunt was attempting to stab her. At the residence, the deputy was met by a man and Boltjes, who allegedly stated, "Arrest me, take me to jail."

The deputy noted smears of blood on the man, on Boltjes and about the house. The man said that while Boltjes was arguing with her niece, she had a knife in her hand. When he attempted to take the knife from her, he received a cut on his finger.

While speaking with the man, the deputy told Boltjes to remain seated, but she allegedly failed to do so. When the deputy took her wrist in order to handcuff her, she struggled, and he forced her into a corner to cuff her. While he was doing so, one of Boltjes' dogs bit him in the ankle, then attacked again. The man removed the dog from the room when the deputy told him he would shoot it if it tried to bite him again.

Boltjes said she had been arguing with her niece, but avoided speaking about the knife. In talking to the niece, the deputy learned the two females had been arguing, then separated to different rooms in the house. When she heard Boltjes arguing with the man, the niece said she went into the kitchen to intervene and was told by Boltjes to get back upstairs and remain there or Boltjes would cut her.

Boltjes was allegedly brandishing the knife and had attempted to strike the man with it. When he removed the knife from her grasp, the niece grabbed it and threw it down the basement stairs to prevent her aunt from obtaining it. The juvenile said she then called 911 and left the house.

The deputy located a four-inch knife and found blood on the handle. He informed Boltjes he was arresting her for terroristic threat and assault, and she replied she should be charged with attempted murder.

Bail was set at $10,000, and Boltjes was denied a public defender. Her next court appearance is Dec. 22.