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Bail set for Worthington woman facing drug charges

WORTHINGTON -- Bail was set at $20,000 Friday for a woman who was charged with fifth-degree controlled substance possession, methamphetamine-related crime involving children and possession of a small amount of marijuana.

Rishaunna Ilene Kluever, 25, of Worthington, was arrested Wednesday after an agent from the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force and a social worker from Nobles County Family Services went to Kluever's motel room, where she was living with a minor child.

The agent had been informed that Kluever was using drugs and there was concern the child was being exposed to drugs.

When Kluever answered the knock at her door, the agent looked in and saw a glass pipe used to ingest marijuana sitting on a table. He also noted a small child trying to get at some candy located next to the glass pipe on the table.

A search warrant was executed, and authorities found a glass pipe that field tested positive for methamphetamine wrapped in a baby's wash cloth. The pipe was found in a bag on the floor. They also found a small amount of marijuana in a cigarette pack on the table.

During an interview, Kluever claimed the pipe was not hers, but said she may have touched it at some time. She said somebody must have put the pipe in her bag when they packed her stuff. She allegedly admitted to using meth several days before.

Kluever has previous convictions of possessing drug paraphernalia, possessing a small amount of marijuana, disorderly conduct, two counts of fifth-degree assault and third-degree property damage. She was on probation at the time of the arrest -- that probation period ended Friday.

She was still in jail as of Friday afternoon, but if she makes her bond, conditions of release include abstinence from non-prescription drugs and alcohol, random testing and no contact with minor children. Her next court appearance is July 28.