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Juvenile charged in 2008 marijuana bust

WORTHINGTON -- A 16-year-old boy is facing charges after being involved in a marijuana bust with his father more than a year ago. The father served 60 days in jail for his part in the drug deal.

The complaint states Fernando Dominguez Jr. pleaded guilty to a fifth-degree controlled substance crime charge in March of 2009. His son, Fernando Dominguez II, is charged with fifth-degree controlled substance, conspiracy to commit fifth-degree controlled substance crime, failure to affix tax stamp and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The complaint states a confidential informant (CI) came forward in May 2008 and told a Martin County deputy he could order a large amount of marijuana and have it delivered to Fairmont. The CI said he could get up to 11 pounds of marijuana from a man he knew as Fernando.

The CI contacted Dominguez, the father, and made a plan to meet him in the Fairmont McDonald's parking lot. Dominguez agreed to sell the CI 7 pounds of dope.

Dominguez left Worthington in a black pickup truck, followed by a gold SUV. The Minnesota State Patrol stopped the pickup, but the SUV continued to Fairmont. There were no drugs in the pickup.

At the McDonald's lot, Dominguez II, the son, exited the SUV, went inside the restaurant, then came back out. A deputy approached and made contact with both the juvenile and the driver of the SUV. The deputy noted a marijuana pipe in plain view on the center console, and asked if there was any marijuana in the vehicle. The juvenile answered that there was.

A K-9 unit was brought in to sniff the vehicle and a box was located in the back. The box contained 8.3 pounds of marijuana. In the passenger door compartment, a baggie of 26 grams was discovered.

The driver of the SUV told authorities the elder Dominguez had called and asked him to pick up the younger Dominguez and bring him to Fairmont. The driver was under the impression he was bringing the teen there to meet his mother.

He said the juvenile had brought the box with him and that he knew nothing about the marijuana.

The elder Dominguez is currently facing second- and third-degree controlled substance crimes for allegedly shipping more than 80 pounds of marijuana to Worthington from Texas. That case is set to go to trial in October.

The younger Dominguez pleaded guilty to a felony-level fleeing a peace officer charge last month and is currently on probation.

The recent drug charges were originally filed in Martin County, but were recently transferred to Nobles County for adjudication.