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Local woman uses alias to mislead police

WORTHINGTON -- A woman cited for shoplifting in August has recently been brought back to the attention of law enforcement when it was discovered she used a false name at the time of her arrest.

Mirriam Rose Bruguier, 28, of Sioux Falls, S.D., was booked and released Aug. 20 after a Worthington Police officer was called to a local retail store for a reported shoplifter. The Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) was in the parking lot with the suspect when the officer arrived. The suspect told the police officer "I'm the one you're looking for."

When Bruguier did not show up for her court date in September, a warrant was issued for her arrest. When the warrant was being entered into a computer data system for law enforcement, it was discovered her fingerprints were registered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under a different name, that of Heather Rae Piehl, 22, of Sioux Falls. Further investigation showed Piehl has a number of aliases, including Mirrian Rose Bruguier, Mirriam Brave Heart, Lady Jokers Bruguier and Jokers Lady.

A charge of giving a false name to a peace officer was added to the case file.

The LPO said he had followed the woman from the jewelry department after suspecting her of pocketing a pair of sterling silver earrings. He watched her wander into the furniture department, remove the earrings from the backer they were attached to and leave the backer on a shelf. She then returned to the jewelry department and replaced a second backer she had been carrying.

He confronted her after she left the store, and she threw the earrings onto the pavement. The LPO had recovered one earring, but could not find the other. The suspect said she had left the earrings on the floor of the jewelry department, but could not show the LPO where.

She told the police officer all the evidence was against her and she could not say she did not steal the earrings. She gave her name as Bruguier, and was brought to the law enforcement center, booked and released. She was charged with theft under $500, a misdemeanor.

The second earring was later found in the parking lot, where it had been run over by vehicles and damaged. The value of the earrings was $19.99.