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Syhavong pleads guilty to assault

Sonny Syhavong

WORTHINGTON -- Dressed in prison orange and bound by ankle shackles, Sonny Syhavong made his way to the witness stand and pleaded guilty Tuesday to assaulting a bouncer for "getting up into his face."

Syhavong, 20, told Judge Timothy Connell he and a cousin were at a party at the Long Branch Saloon and when they tried to get back into the bar, the bouncer would not let them in.

"He got up into my face and we got into a scuffle," Syhavong said.

"Did you hit him?" asked Nobles County Assistant Attorney Kimberly Pehrson.

"Yeah," Syhavong replied.

"Was it intentional?" she asked.

"Um, yeah," he answered.

Connell accepted the guilty plea and asked for a pre-sentence investigation. The plea agreement is for 240 days of jail with work release and credit for time served, to be served concurrently with Syhavong's other jail sentence.

He is currently serving time for burglarizing a house and stealing a Nintendo Wii.

Since 2007, Syhavong has been charged with a variety of crimes, including harassment, depriving another of parental rights, under 21 possession of liquor, driving without a valid license, fleeing a peace officer, burglary, damage to property, assault, disorderly conduct, contempt of court and obstructing the legal process.