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Woman pleads guilty to issuing bad check

WORTHINGTON -- Dawn Delotto, who has pleaded guilty to bouncing checks at least 20 times in the past decade in Minnesota, added one more confession to her roster Tuesday, admitting to writing out seven checks with a $1,339 total.

During a plea hearing in Nobles County District Court, Delotto stated she knew when she was writing out checks at Hy-Vee, Sterling Drug and Arnold Motors that there was no money in her accounts to cover the checks.

"I thought I would be able to pay them off when I got my check," she told Judge Timothy Connell. "I did pay them off when I got out of jail."

In an agreement with the state, Delotto pleaded guilty to one felony count of issuing a dishonored check and felony count of theft by check was dismissed.

When asked if she received notices for demand of payment, Delotto said she may not have.

"I was not home a lot," she stated. "I was moving at the time."

She missed the next round of notices in the mail because she had already been picked up by law enforcement for "previous stuff."

In addition to her numerous Minnesota charges over the years, she has been charged in Iowa for theft approximately 10 times.

In February, Delotto was sitting in the Nobles County Jail preparing for release while other law enforcement agencies waited to get her in custody.

In Spencer, Iowa, a criminal investigator had just received a new stack of Delotto checks, on top of the $7,000 in bad checks he already had in his possession. She was charged with second-degree theft and money laundering in Clay County, a case which is still pending.

Lyon County was also holding a warrant on Delotto at the time because she had failed to show up for court after writing a bad check at the college book store, along with several more. She has since been put on parole in that case and paid around $3,000 of the $4,000 restitution.

She has been charged and convicted in more than six counties in Minnesota and Iowa, and is on probation until 2015. Sentencing on Tuesday's hearing will take place after a pre-sentence investigation has been completed.