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Jasper woman charged in drug bust

PIPESTONE -- Pipestone deputies serving a warrant on a dishonored check case ended up with more than they planned for when they discovered the woman they were looking for was in possession of methamphetamine.

The complaint states Patti Rae Haraldson, 44, of Jasper, is scheduled to make her first appearance Dec. 14 on a felony charge of fifth-degree controlled substance possession.

A Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force agent, according to his report, saw Haraldson sitting at her residence seated in the driver's seat of what he referred to as her work pickup.

Aware that an arrest warrant had recently been issued, he contacted a Pipestone County deputy, and the two approached her vehicle and confirmed her identity.

She allegedly asked if she could come to the sheriff's office the next day to pay, but was told she had to go with the deputy because of the warrant.

She then asked if she could go in the house and get some money and meet the deputy at the office. She was again told she needed to go with the deputy.

The complaint states she grabbed a zipper baggie and some items from under the center console, placed the things in her purse and yelled for her child who was in the backyard to come get her purse.

The agent came around the truck and helped the deputy detain Haraldson, taking custody of the purse. Haraldson was placed in the back of the squad car, and the purse was put in the front seat.

While the agent searched the area of the truck Haraldson had been sitting in, a male both officers were familiar with came out of the house and asked for Haraldson's purse.

He was told all of Haraldson's possessions that had been with her would be going with her to the law enforcement center. The male began to yell at the agent and call him names.

"When (the male) was done stating his thoughts," the deputy's report states, "he went back into the house."

A search of Haraldson's purse, according to the agent's report, revealed a baggie containing 1.6 grams of meth and several straws and pen barrels with meth residue.

Bond was set at $5,000.