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Mendez in Nobles County Jail, bail set

WORTHINGTON -- A bail/bond amount of $250,000 was set Monday for Ulises Mendez, 20, of Worthington, who is charged with a variety of gun-related crimes, including first-degree attempted murder.

The decision came following a bail study's recommendation of a high amount because of Mendez's perceived flight risk.

Mendez fled from the area in January after allegedly shooting a .22 caliber gun at a vehicle and house full of people.

One woman was struck in the thigh with a bullet, and authorities later recovered 21 expended shell casings at the scene.

The altercation that led to the drive-by shooting allegedly began over the theft of a cell phone, the complaint states.

A woman was told that Mendez, also known as Flaco, took her cell phone and made several calls on it during a party at the Castlewood Apartments.

When she confronted him, there was a scuffle that involved hitting and punching among several people.

The woman and her friends left, and a short time later her sister heard gunshots outside their house and went outside, where she allegedly saw Mendez holding a gun.

The sister said Mendez pointed the gun at her, then got in the back passenger side door of a purple Impala and left.

Shortly after the incident, Mendez fled. He was taken into custody several days later as he exited a bus in Los Angeles, Calif.

His appearance stands out, as he sports tattoos of dog paw prints on both temples and his neck.

He also has the letter B on one cheek and writing on his neck.

While in Worthington, he was a fugitive from justice from California, with an outstanding warrant from that state.

He was arrested in November 2009 in Nobles County District Court for being a fugitive from justice from another state.

At that time, Mendez waived extradition and agreed to return to California on a warrant for a stolen vehicle.

Two detectives from the Fresno County Sheriff's Department picked him up in December and flew him back to California.

Exactly when he returned to Worthington is unknown.

If Mendez can raise the money to make bail, his conditions of release include no contact with the victims, no alcohol or drugs, no leaving the state without prior approval and he will be subject to random testing.

His current list of charges includes the attempted first-degree murder count, attempted second-degree murder, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, drive-by shooting of an occupied target, second-degree riot and reckless discharge of a firearm in a municipality.