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Citations: June 6, 2011

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County

May 23: Benjamin William Davison, Revere, driving while impaired (2); Richard Glen Barnett, Windom, interfere with emergency call, domestic assault; Craig Ryan Johnson, Marshall, third-degree criminal sexual conduct; Aaron Michael Glander, Jeffers, third-degree criminal sexual conduct

May 25: Steven Dale Walker, Windom, terroristic threats, fifth-degree assault

May 27: Leah Marie Hamish, Jeffers, issue dishonored check (2); James Matthew Frederickson, Windom, careless driving, crossover violation; Olikar Gruise Ingais, Windom, driving without a valid license, uninsured vehicle, driver fails to give information after traffic accident

May 31: Daniel David Dzuris, Windom, felony domestic assault

June 2: Gregory Allen Hockenberry, Windom, domestic assault by strangulation

Jackson County

May 23: Oscar Rene Turcios, Worthington, give false name to peace officer, display fictitious ID, driving after cancellation, tint too dark; Meagan Jo Hanson, Lakefield, driving while impaired (2)

May 25: Craig Conrad Ruden, Lakefield, collision with unattended vehicle; Andrew Emmanual Fields, Jackson, trespass

May 27: Clell Michael Weinzetl, Spirit Lake, Iowa, vehicle shall not exceed safe capacity of bridge

June 1: Tronh Hoang Nguyen Le, Jackson, domestic assault by strangulation, domestic assault

June 3: Eric Norman Kinley, Worthington, driving while impaired

Murray County

May 23: James Joseph Larson, Slayton, domestic assault, disorderly conduct; Autumn Marie Schwartz, Slayton, disorderly conduct

May 24: Jan Curtis Rolfes, Iona, stray animals (2); Lorrie Lynn Rolfes, Iona, stray animals (2)

May 25: Kassandra Ann Wallenstein, Slayton, issue dishonored check (2); Scott Paul Skogberg, New Ulm, failure to stay 500 feet behind; Kenneth Michael Bassett, Currie, failure to signal turn

May 26: Lorrie Lynn Rolfes, Iona, contributing to the delinquency of a minor

May 27: Devin Bradley Webb, Fulda, theft of motor vehicle, receiving stolen property

May 31: Jennifer Maureen Byrne, Balaton, check forgery; Devon Maras, Slayton, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, furnish liquor to minor; Dylan Lee Mariner, Brewster, failure to stop for accident; driving after suspension

Nobles County

May 19: Majuaung Ojulu, Worthington, third-degree damage to property

May 20: Ingrid Naomi Gonzalez, Worthington, fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct, fleeing a peace officer; Elizer Rodriguez, Renville, underage drinking and driving; James Robert Lugo, Windom, vehicle shall not exceed safe capacity of a bridge; Luis Abraham Torres, Worthington, fourth-degree damage to property; Sean Pierre Brouillette, St. Paul, theft

May 23: John Thomas Scobey, Moorhead, driving while impaired (2), driving after revocation

May 24: William Raymond Wood, Ellsworth, driving while impaired, test refusal, driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety

May 25: Vilayphone Chris Van Lo, Worthington, underage drinking and driving, under 21 consumption; Kathryne Elise Furth, Worthington, driving while impaired (2); Lucinda Alexandria Lopez, Dawson, driving while impaired, driving after suspension, uninsured vehicle, use fictitious name; Vayaveth Keophavone, Sioux Falls, S.D., driving while impaired

May 26: Kelli April Turbes, Brewster, theft; Dana Joseph Stenzel, Heron Lake, driving while impaired

May 31: Dustin James Kruger, Luverne, fugitive from justice from another state; Timothy Herman Stanley Jr., Worthington, violate no contact order (2), contempt of court (2); Alfredo Ruiz-Martinez, Lakefield, terroristic threats (2), domestic assault, fifth-degree assault

June 1: Addi Joseph Opada, Worthington, theft; John Royal Warren Ruiz, Worthington, driving while impaired (2), uninsured vehicle, no plates displayed; Israel Rutilio Ramos-Lopez, Worthington, driving without a valid license, driving while impaired (2), no seat belt

June 2: Neptali Leiva Leiva, Worthington, careless driving, driving without a valid license, collision with unattended vehicle

Pipestone County

May 23: Glenn Allen Vanderpoel, Pipestone, violate order for protection

May 24: Matthew Joseph Quaintance, Pipestone, domestic assault by strangulation; Glen Allen Vanderpoel, Pipestone, domestic assault; Scott Joseph Van Ruler, Trosky, driving while impaired

May 27: Michelle Marie Gallop, Pipestone, fifth-degree controlled substance possession

May 31: William Karl Rentz, Luck, Wis., driving while impaired, open bottle

June 3: Chastity Ann Kolander, Pipestone, issue dishonored check

Rock County

May 23: Sean Christopher Johnson, Milroy, violates order for protection (2); Jesse Dean Lafrenz, Ellsworth, driving while impaired (2)

May 24: Aaron Lee Ellsworth, Brandon, S.D., crimes against railroad; Ashley Dawn Adams, Luverne, driving after suspension, uninsured vehicle, disorderly conduct; Terry Allen Deroo, Beaver Creek, theft

May 25: Dustion John Versteeg, Luverne, vehicle registration required, uninsured vehicle, motor vehicle title

May 27: Jared Scott Shoemaker, terroristic threats

May 31: Kevin Matthew Hartz, Luverne, domestic assault; Kristi Kay Boll, Luverne, driving while impaired (2), failure to stop; Brian Alvin Remme, Luverne, driving while impaired (2)