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Citations: July 23, 2011

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County:

July 18: Skylar Lee Martin, Heron Lake, predatory offender knowingly violates requirements, driving after revocation, uninsured vehicle; Jose Eduardo Capetillo, Windom, second-degree burglary; Joseph Charles Rummens, second-degree burglary

Jackson County:

July 8: Scott David Banashak, Jackson, fleeing a peace officer, driving while impaired (2)

July 13: Khalil Gibron Harris, Lakefield, false name to peace officer

July 15: Tyler Vernon Rettig, Jackson, third-degree criminal sexual conduct

July 18: Chanell Monick Linear, Jackson, domestic assault; Joshua James Drahota, Jackson, penalty for not complying with peace officer

July 19: Kurt David Beeck, Lakefield, driving while impaired; Lee John Garms, Lakefield, issue dishonored check; Heidi Kay Hansen, Jackson, issue dishonored check

July 20: Pennie Linn Kellogg, Jackson, speeding, driving while impaired (2)

July 21: Tony Joe Benson, Owatonna, receiving stolen property; Terry Edward Runge, Brewster, theft, receiving stolen property

Murray County:

June 18: Charles Henry Lursen, Fulda, disorderly conduct, fifth-degree assault

June 19: Sue Ann Grace Moyers, Tracy, issue dishonored check

June 22: Alexander Scott Kleve, Slayton, under 21 consumption, fleeing a peace officer; Tyler Webb, Fulda, under 21 consumption, fleeing a peace officer

Nobles County:

July 18: Hilda Karina Vargas Pineda, Brewster, domestic assault, fourth-degree property damage; Alicia Long, Worthington, driving while impaired, driving after suspension

July 20: Michael Neguse Hagos, Worthington, disorderly conduct, trespass; Jonathon Scott Shrum, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Rasan Ngamsanga, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Sonny Syhavong, Worthington, driving after suspension (2), no proof of insurance; Patricia Ann Martin, Worthington, driving after revocation, uninsured vehicle

July 21: Sonny Syhavong, driving after suspension; Cheryl Ann Bixby, Round Lake, no proof of insurance, speeding; Trang Thi Nguyen

July 22: Kari Ann Knutson, Windom, uninsured vehicle; Steven Xanaxay, Worthington, driving after revocation

Pipestone County:

July 8: Brett Lee Bakker, Ruthton, issue dishonored check; Rebecca Jean Bakker, Ruthton, issue dishonored check

July 14: Chauncey Lyn Swan, Pipestone, domestic assault; Vincent Thomas Huffman, Pipestone, disorderly conduct

July 18: Jadie Ann Denny, Ward, S.D., fifth-degree controlled substance possession; Sheila Rae Moffitt, Verdi, fifth-degree controlled substance possession

July 21: Kaylib Daniel Welgraven, Chandler, underage drinking and driving.