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Brewster man charged with forgery

LUVERNE -- Charges were filed in Rock County District Court this week against a 26-year-old Brewster man who allegedly signed a birth certificate in March, falsely claiming to be the father of the child.

The complaint states Andrew James Runge signed the birth certificate of his girlfriend's baby in March, knowing the child was not his.

The girlfriend is facing charges of her own after allegedly getting pregnant by an underaged teenaged boy during a sexual relationship that went on for months.

Terri Jo Runge, 20, admitted to authorities she had intercourse with the underage boy, knowing it was against the law.

Although Andrew and Terri have the same name, they are not related, the complaint states.

The victim said he and Terri started dating the summer of 2011, and they were together until she was six months pregnant.

Then, he said, Terri broke up with him. She later moved to Brewster, he said, and they had not had contact since.

He heard from a friend she had given birth to a boy he believed was his.

During an interview with Terri, she allegedly told authorities the victim is the father of her baby, and said Andrew signed the birth certificate, but they both knew he wasn't the baby's father.

Andrew, during an interview, said he dated Terri for about seven months, and she was already pregnant when they started dating.

He was at the hospital in Luverne when the baby was born, and signed the certificate as a parent, knowing the baby was not his.

Andrew also told authorities he had told Terri he was going to report to family services that marijuana was smoked in front of the newborn baby.

Terri is charged with third- and fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Andrew is facing one count of aggravated forgery of a public record. Both are scheduled to make an appearance at hearings Aug. 22 in Luverne.

Andrew was convicted of third-degree criminal sexual conduct in 2006 and was also convicted of failing to register as a predatory offender in 2007.

He was sentenced to 14 months in prison for the failure to register. He also has a conviction for second-degree riot.

He has admitted twice to probation violations, and is scheduled to be on probation until 2021.