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Pipestone man charged with sale of marijuana, morphine

PIPESTONE -- Charges have been filed in Pipestone County District Court against Robert Lee Styrbicky, 56, of Pipestone, for allegedly selling marijuana and morphine to a confidential informant (CI).

Styrbicky was charged this week with second- and third-degree controlled substance sale. The controlled buy took place in June and was coordinated by the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force.

The criminal complaint states several people reported Styrbicky selling drugs from his residence at Nokomis Apartments in the city of Pipestone. After being fitted with an audio recording device, the CI entered the Nokomis Apartments and was allegedly told by Styrbicky, "It'll be $60."

The CI was given a plastic baggie of 19 morphine pills. The CI asked Styrbicky if he had any oxycotin for sale, but was told there was only morphine. The CI then asked for marijuana, and Styrbicky said he only had a gram, but could get more with a phone call.

The CI asked if Styrbicky had any more morphine, and said he would like to buy another 20 pills. Styrbicky allegedly counted out another 10 pills and said the rest needed to be saved for a friend.

The CI paid $100 for the 29 pills and the marijuana and left the apartment.

Styrbicky is being held at the Pipestone County Jail on $5,000 bond. A request for a public defender was granted, and Styrbicky is scheduled to make a court appearance Sept. 27.