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Citations: Dec. 24, 2011

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County

Dec. 14: Jason Corey Vazquez, Mountain Lake, fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle; Joseph Michael Sanstad, Amboy, issue dishonored check; Joseph Charles Rummens, Windom, obstruct legal process, felling a peace officer, liquor possession under 21

Dec. 16: Jeremy Richard Marcy, Bingham Lake, test refusal, driving while impaired; Derick Lennard Hall, Windom, driving while impaired (2), no lights

Dec. 19: Alex James Peiffer, Windom, driving while impaired (2), speeding; Yasmin Rosario Guzman, Worthington, fifth-degree assault

Jackson County

Dec. 12: Edward Standish Robertson, Spirit Lake, Iowa, fugitive from justice from another state

Dec. 14: Curtis Jene Volz, Lakefield, driving while impaired (2)

Dec. 16: Ronald Gene Ferry, Fairmont, driving while impaired; Michael Clint Beckel, Jackson, driving while impaired (2), fail to stop for sign

Dec. 19: Kenneth Robert Svoboda, Fairmont, third-degree driving while impaired (2), failure to notify police of personal injury

Dec. 20: Anthony Allen Anderson, Minneapolis, driving while impaired (2), speeding; Melvin Clifford Ludvigson, Windom, discharge firearm/bow on public highway, recklessly handle dangerous weapon

Murray County

Dec. 8: Jason Allen Ling, Round Lake, driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety

Dec. 9: Corey Philip Self, Slayton, issue dishonored check

Dec. 12: Keith Howard Schmoldt, Darfur, test refusal, driving while impaired, uninsured vehicle

Dec. 19: Freddie Reyes Martinez, Tracy, issue dishonored check; Samantha Jocelyn Odom, Slayton, issue dishonored check; Harvey Anderson, Tracy, issue dishonored check; Malissa Ann Bentley, Luverne, issue dishonored check; Eric James Winter, Dell Rapids, S.D., issue dishonored check

Nobles County

Dec. 9: Victor Manuel Rodriguez, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Ivan Seekie, Worthington, no proof of insurance, uninsured vehicle, speeding

Dec. 12: Daovy Thonesavanh, Worthington, give false name to peace officer, driving after revocation; Sean Merrill, Grand Rapids, Mich., domestic assault, obstruct legal process, disorderly conduct

Dec. 13: Tracy Lee Allison, Worthington, aid and abet simple robbery, third-degree assault, fifth-degree assault, theft; Juan Luis Morales-Rivera, Worthington, simple robbery, aid and abet simple robbery, third-degree assault, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, fifth-degree assault, theft

Dec. 14: Isabel Saenz Pena, Fulda, uninsured vehicle; Clifford William Pearson, Sibley, Iowa, uninsured vehicle; Christopher Daniel Hawkinson, Round Lake, driving while impaired

Dec. 16: Meghan Holly Calvin, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Kenneth Dean Winters Jr., Worthington, uninsured vehicle

Dec. 19: Marcus Allen Anderson, Ocheyedan, Iowa, driving while impaired (2); Andres Elias Lopez-Martin, Worthington, give false name to peace officer, driving without a valid license, improper lane change, no seat belt; Lionel Keejuan Eaton Jr., St. Paul, second-degree burglary, theft, receiving stolen property; Bounon Oun Tonsay, Worthington, third-degree property damage, fifth-degree assault, domestic assault, disorderly conduct

Dec. 20: Tuan Thanh Tran, Worthington, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, driving after revocation, no proof of insurance, drug paraphernalia

Dec. 21: Dustin James Lowe, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, driving without a valid license, drug paraphernalia, small amount of marijuana; Alberto Soroa Jr., Worthington, obscured license plate, uninsured vehicle, no child restraint; Michelle Marie Filter, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, driving after revocation; Veronica Sanchez, Adrian, theft