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Identities sought for people involved with theft

The Worthington Police Department is asking for help identifying these people.

WORTHINGTON -- The Worthington Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying three people possibly involved in a theft at a local business.

The theft took place Jan. 21 in downtown Worthington. An employee at the business recognized a woman from the theft when she returned two weeks later and snapped a picture.

The woman in the photo was in the store Jan. 21 with a white male who is approximately 40 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall and 160 pounds, with gray buzz-cut hair, clean shaven with scabs on his cheeks. He was wearing a white shirt with a skull logo and Doc Martens with white paint splatters. A child approximately 5 years old was with the pair, and they left in a beige pickup truck with lots of rust.

The truck was possibly a 1960s model Chevrolet with no license plate and construction or towing equipment in the bed.

About two weeks after the initial theft, the same woman appeared in the store. She was accompanied by the man on the left side of the photo, and the two left in a silver Lincoln Town Car. The license plate was either missing or covered.

"We sent the photo off to neighboring counties asking for help with an ID, but no one recognized them," Worthington Police Officer Jacki Dawson said. "We're hoping someone from the area can help."

Anyone with information regarding the identities of the couple in the photo or the other male is asked to contact Dawson at the Prairie Justice Center (507)-372-2136.