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Citations: 02/28/2012

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County:

Feb. 21: Rosa Maria Hernandez-Rendon, Windom, fail to stop for school bus, driving without a valid license

Feb. 22: Kory Lee Flatgard, Windom, disorderly conduct

Jackson County:

Feb. 21: Timothy John Taylor, Jackson, predatory offender knowingly violates (2)

Feb. 22: Bambie Dee Williams, Spirit Lake, Iowa, driving while impaired (2); Edward Lee Funches, Jackson, third-degree assault, fifth-degree assault

Murray County:

Feb. 9: Matthew Darryl Schipp, Slayton, fifth-degree controlled substance possession (2), drug paraphernalia

Nobles County:

Feb. 6: Erin Langendorfer, Reading, library detention of materials; Sarah Berhane, Worthington, library detention of materials,

Feb. 8: Joseph Tanner Hockert Jr., Worthington, theft; Josue Morales Martin, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, no seat belt

Feb. 13: Mateo Castro-Gutterrez, Worthington, theft; Donny Lynn Unger, Worthington, driving while impaired; Klo Htoo, Worthington, driving while impaired

Feb. 14: Dustin James Lowe, Worthington, second-degree assault, terroristic threats, domestic assault (2), disorderly conduct; Oketh Obang Owity, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Lang Kim Nguyen, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Nadia Comeneci Broady, Yankton, S.D, uninsured vehicle; Jose Luis Sanchez, Worthington, driving after revocation (2); Douglas William Erwin, Rushmore, driving while impaired (2), open bottle, illegal transport of firearm in motor vehicle; Zachariah Michael Schmitz, Brewster, no proof of insurance

Feb. 15: Bulmaro Amadeo Vasquez, Worthington, domestic assault; William Wright Jr., fugitive from justice from another state; Elias Josue Martin Chavez, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, driving without a valid license; Brooke Ashley Majia, Grand Rapids, Mich., give false name to peace officer; Florinda Dimaz Valdez, Worthington, theft

Feb. 16: Jimmy Lee Castillo, Worthington, domestic assault, interfere with 911 call

Feb. 17: Joe Lopez Juarez, domestic assault; Mark Kayo Bixby, Wilmont, violate order for protection; Sarah Ann Dickey, Worthington, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, store meth paraphernalia in presence of child, small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia; Dustin James Lowe, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, store meth paraphernalia in presence of child, small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia; Yolanda Kaya Black, South St. Paul, driving while impaired, speeding

Feb. 18: Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Worthington, fail to stop for school bus lights

Feb. 21: Matthew Robert Persing, Chandler, fourth-degree driving while impaired; Ashley Brooke Alexander, Worthington, disorderly conduct; Jaime Ernesto Hernandez Bautista, Worthington, failure to stop for accident, driving without a valid license; Jose Santos, Worthington, fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct; Amy Marie Dammer, Rushmore, check forgery, possession of stolen or counterfeit checks, driving after suspension; Bryon James Fischer, Sioux Falls, S.D., check forgery, make or alter membership card, possession of counterfeit or stolen checks; Juan Guadalupe Lopez, Brewster, violate order for protection; Duane Vernon Tewinkel, Sioux Falls, S.D., carry pistol without permit, illegal transport of firearm in motor vehicle; Devin Bradley Webb, Fulda, third-degree burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, damage to property; Thomas Joseph Schneider, Farmington, theft by swindle

Feb. 22: Devin Bradley Webb, Fulda, driving while impaired (2)

Pipestone County:

Feb. 2: Miles Scott Olson, Pipestone, third-degree controlled substance possession, fifth-degree controlled substance possession

Rock County:

Feb. 21: Gerald Lee Hamann, Luverne, contempt of court

Feb. 22: Leland Ray Jensen, Luverne, issue dishonored check