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Citations: 03/25/2012

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County:

March 8: April Sayrugh Khemphomma, Mountain Lake, domestic assault

March 9: Stacia Kay Kruse, Windom, theft

March 12: Cody Terrance Maznio, Windom, domestic assault, terroristic threats

March 13: Tammy Jo Malmgren, St. James, issue dishonored check; Paul Steven Morehouse, Windom, issue dishonored check

March 19: Edward Mahlon Gonshorowski, Windom, terroristic threats (2), domestic assault

March 20: Lounee Jade Soutthivong, Mountain Lake, disorderly conduct; Nicholas James Kruse, Windom, domestic assault, third-degree assault

March 22: Stacia Kay Kruse, Windom, driving after revocation, no proof of insurance; Thomas James Dalton, Windom, domestic assault; Leilani Lou Klassen, Windom, garbage/junk ordinance

Jackson County:

March 9: Ronnie Ybarra, Jackson, synthetic cannabinoid; Crystal Jo Enninga, Luverne, check forgery (2)

March 12: Alvaro Dominguez, Worthington, driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety

March 14: Cecelia Grace Bryant, Dunnell, third-degree controlled substance sale, fourth-degree controlled substance sale; Diane Renee Maday, Fairmont, speed greater than reasonable, driving while impaired

March 15: Amy Lynn Gilmore, Lakefield, driving while impaired (2), fail to signal turn; Marcus Wayne Crom, Lakefield, driving while impaired (2)

March 16: Jason Allen McCullough, Heron Lake, disorderly conduct

March 20: Sharon Kay Lyman, Jackson, fourth-degree controlled substance sale, fifth-degree controlled substance possession; Dillon Jacob Rasch, Collinsville, Ill., theft; Cristian Daniel Tomus, North Liberty, Iowa, theft

Murray County:

March 9: Sittisak Rounoubon, Worthington, driving while impaired (2), open bottle

March 16: Leann Marie Miller, Iona, issue dishonored check; Pedro Aaron Luttrell, Avoca, issue dishonored check; Sherry Sue Naranjo-Luttrell, Avoca, issue dishonored check; Keith Darrell Carlson, Marshall, driving while impaired (2), driving after cancellation

March 19: Daniel Jay Woitaszewski, Slayton, fourth-degree damage to property, fifth-degree assault

Nobles County:

March 12: Ryan Alvan Robb, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, no child restraint; Shawna Marie Fleshman, Windom, theft; Michael Todd Wey, Luverne, driving after suspension; Noe Lucas Lopez-Martin, Worthington, driving without a valid license, no proof of insurance; Mary Jane Steenhoven, Adrian, fence constructed without permit, fence construction violation, dog permit violation, number of licensed animals, maintain a building violation, storing junk cars and household items, residential district violation; Alicia Long, Worthington, driving after revocation, no proof of insurance; Danelle Rae Ross, Worthington, driving while impaired (2)

March 13: Sharon Kay Williams, Worthington, driving while impaired (2); Tyler Craig Nienkirk, Worthington, driving while impaired

March 14: Mark Kayo Bixby, Wilmont, violate order for protection

March 15: Orlando Antonio Bardales, Worthington, driving while impaired

March 16: Amare F. Bekuto, Worthington, disorderly conduct, tamper with motor vehicle; Martin Garcia Moreno, Worthington, false imprisonment, interfere with emergency call, fifth-degree assault, domestic assault

March 19: Jose Santos Rojas Miranda, Worthington, give false name to peace officer, driving without a valid license, no seat belt; Clement Piermento Wani, Worthington, stop for school bus, driving after revocation

March 20: Jesus Heras, Hastings, Neb., expired medical card, brakes; Jose Cupertino Ventura, Worthington, false name to peace officer, uninsured vehicle, driving without a valid license; Elisheba Joy Swett, Worthington, domestic assault; Barbara Lucille Hagen, Bricelyn, driving while impaired (2); Dean Christopher Johnson, Lakefield, theft, receiving stolen property, theft by swindle, theft; Khampong Thammalong, Worthington, driving after revocation, no proof of insurance

March 21: Benjamin Elias Parsons, Round Lake, disorderly conduct