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Citations: 05/13/2012

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County:

April 16: Donald James Grinde, Westbrook, domestic assault; Kevin Lee Johnson, Storden, driving while impaired (2); Johnathon Dale Pfundt, Windom, disorderly conduct

April 17: Grady Dean Pederson, Windom, predatory offender-knowingly violates registration requirements

April 19: Heather Danielle Dzuris, Windom, issue dishonored check

April 27: Lennin Michael Hernandez, Butterfield, driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety; Tina Xayaphonesongkham, Butterfield, driving while impaired (2); Paul Steven Morehouse, Windom, fifth-degree assault; Janna Lee Thomas, Windom, fifth-degree assault

April 30: Jericca Louise Anderson, Windom, domestic assault; Daniel David Dzuris, Windom, domestic assault-felony; Zachery Allen Rasmussen, Windom, driving while impaired; Gary Hanson Jr., Jeffers, trespass; Troy Jame Harder, Mountain Lake, third-degree assault

May 3: Jesus Manuel Hernandez-Balbuena, St. James, terroristic threats

May 4: Crain Ryan Johnson, Brooklyn Center, violation of restraining order (2); Cody Terrance Maznio, Windom, first-degree controlled substance sale

May 7: Gary Lee Hanson, Jr., Jeffers, terroristic threats; Bradley Scott Junker, Mountain Lake, third-degree assault

May 9: Gary Lee Hanson Jr., Windom, disorderly conduct; Shirley Rae Thooft, Lakefield, financial transaction card fraud; Bradley Lynn Olson, Windom, driver fails to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk, careless driving

Jackson County:

April 16: Wesley Kent Beckham, Sioux City, Iowa, driving while impaired (2), failure to use designated lane; Shelby Marie Ehrig, Lakefield, domestic assault

April 17: Bryan Leonard Lee, Heron Lake, domestic assault (2)

April 18: Christopher Hare, Springfield, theft

April 19: Roger Allen Heseback, Jackson, school bus stop signal extended

April 23: William Boyd Spangler, Lakefield, driving while impaired

Murray County:

April 16: Deanna Lynn Seehaver, Slayton, driving while impaired (2)

April 19: Marvin Anival Gomez, Chandler, no Minnesota driver's license

April 23: Michael Paul Jans, Currie, issue dishonored check

May 1: Skylar Joseph Balling, Fulda, domestic assault, disorderly conduct

May 4: Dyllan Michael Jenniges, Ruthton, careless driving, driving without a valid license

Nobles County:

April 5: Oscar Torres-Valentin, Worthington, driving without a valid license, no proof of insurance

April 10: Steven Patrick Ryen, Worthington, disorderly conduct

April 13: Carmesha Nicole Wright, Chicago, Ill., fugitive from justice from another state; Thavone Tommy Chairakoun, Worthington, driving while impaired, driving after revocation, windshield general prohibitions

April 16: Bryce Anthony Barrett, Worthington, perjury; Luis Angel Rosaly-Aponte, Worthington, driving while impaired (2), open bottle; Ariana Faye Obago, Worthington, fourth-degree assault, fifth-degree assault; Gballay Karmo, false imprisonment, domestic assault by strangulation, domestic assault

April 17: Omar Casanova-Sierra, Worthington, driving while impaired, test refusal, fourth-degree assault, obstruct legal process, disorderly conduct, careless driving; Sha Drah, Worthington, driving while impaired, speed greater than reasonable; Amanda Lynn Broesder, Sibley, Iowa; theft, possession of small amount of marijuana

April 18: Stanley Clair Adams, Worthington, driving while impaired; Scott Lee Hart, Luverne, driving while impaired (2); George Francisco Torres, Worthington, theft by check, issue dishonored check; Henry Haron Magarin, Worthington, domestic assault

April 20: Dylan Roger Livingston, Bigelow, underage drinking and driving, under 21 consumption, general windshield prohibitions; Jose Angel Fraga Jr., domestic assault by strangulation, domestic assault (2)

April 23: Lugene Rayfeal Russell, Ellsworth, domestic assault; Twol Okello Gilo, Worthington, disorderly conduct; Rose Kristine Kallemayn, Bigelow, driving while impaired, underage drinking and driving, under 21 consumption

April 26: Christopher Joe Black, theft; Jessica Lee Kullman, Worthington, theft; Cindy Siomara Godinez, Worthington, library property; Peter Thatjiath Biel, Worthington, domestic assault-felony; Amy Knapper, Worthington, library property; Gina Gonzalez, Worthington, Junior Montejo Flandes, Worthington, dog at large, dog license violation, harm caused by dog

April 27: Dao Keovilay, Worthington, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, test refusal, driving while impaired, small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia

April 29: Luanne Fae Nibbelink, Brewster, uninsured vehicle; Louis Christopher Roybal, Worthington, no proof of insurance, driving without a valid license;

April 30: Gem Meat, Worthington, domestic assault, fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct; Alicia Long, Worthington, fifth-degree assault, domestic assault, disorderly conduct; John Chuol Kang, Worthington, driving while impaired, domestic assault, fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct, driving without a valid license; Christopher James Majia, Worthington, test refusal, driving while impaired

May 1: Kyaw Bu Hae, Worthington, driving while impaired, open bottle, driving after revocation

May 2: Sonny Syhavong, driving after suspension

May 4: Mechell Leola Martin, Worthington, fifth-degree controlled substance, small amount of marijuana; Leanne Kay Vandyke, Worthington, interfere with emergency call, domestic assault (20); Anthony Kali Adams, Worthington, fifth-degree controlled substance possession

May 7: Gisela Sophia Kuehl, Fulda, school bus stop arm; Jose Eliezar Hernandez, Worthington, obstruct legal process; Nouanthong Saysirisanh, Worthington, driving while impaired; Thavone Tommy Chairakoun, Worthington, driving while impaired, driving after revocation; Brandon Joseph Giesinger, Worthington, driving while impaired (2); Phillip Jose Madrigal Jr., Worthington, receiving stolen property

May 8: Edward Vallejo, Iona, driving while impaired (2); Edras Rodriguez Talavera, Worthington, fails to give information after accident, failure to obtain new license after changing name or address; Landon Mark Stamer, Rushmore, driving while impaired (2)

May 10: Dawn Marie Margaret Delotto, Heron Lake, perjury; Amber Leeann Brickson, Worthington, theft; Kevin Lee Kaas, Westbrook, theft

Pipestone County:

April 17: Jay Joel Johannsen, Pipestone, fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct, obstruct legal process

April 30: Francisco Guardado, Pipestone, junk ordinance

May 1: Barbara Paola Salazar, Montevideo, fail to stop for school bus; Chad Alan Grengs, Cottonwood, driving while impaired, driving after revocation

Rock County:

April 16: Alicia Ann Myers, Luverne, theft; Scott Isaac Wentler, Hills, obstruct legal process, fleeing a peace officer