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Two Windom residents held in Jackson County for meth use

JACKSON -- Two Windom residents are in the Jackson County Jail after allegedly smoking methamphetamine before babysitting in Heron Lake.

Zachary James Leckey, 24, and Jenny Carlstrom, 30, were arrested last week in the 1400 block of Third Avenue, where they were babysitting three small children, according to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. Authorities were summoned to the scene by agents from the Minnesota Department of Corrections after the agents received information the two were using meth.

A wallet belonging to Leckey was found at the scene near a plastic baggie and a syringe, both containing meth residue. A warrant was issued for Leckey for one count of controlled substance possession and two counts of storing a controlled substance in the presence of children.

Leckey has a history of drug-related charges and other crimes. He was charged in Cottonwood County at age 17 with burglary and theft, and within nine months of being sentenced was already charged with a probation violation. He was charged with theft in 2006, and also managed to rack up three underage consumption charges the same year.

In early 2007, he was charged with theft of a motor vehicle and property damage, and was given his first prison term -- sentenced to 15 months incarceration. Between his arrest and the sentencing, he was also arrested in Lac Qui Parle County for manufacturing meth. For that, he received a 43 month prison sentence.

In 2010, he pleaded guilty to burglary in Chippewa County and was sentenced to 24 months in prison, but was out in time to be charged with drug possession in Martin County by September 2011. He pleaded guilty to one felony possession charge and was given a 19 -month prison sentence, which was stayed. He is currently on parole and owes more than $4,300 in past court fees and fines.

Carlstrom is also on probation, having been convicted of possession of burglary tools in Faribault County in February. She had past convictions for theft, disorderly conduct and receiving stolen property.