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Worthington businesses report Wednesday burglaries

WORTHINGTON -- Two Worthington businesses, the Humiston Avenue Subway and Nutripro BioSystems on Oxford Street, reported burglaries Wednesday morning.

Worthington Director of Public Safety Mike Cumiskey said Wednesday that Subway had been entered through a rear door after the door had been pried open.

The burglar was able to access the safe, and it is currently unknown how much money was taken. The theft was reported at 7:32 a.m. after being discovered by a delivery person.

The robbery at Nutripro BioSystems was in progress when it was reported at 3:03 a.m. by an employee who saw someone trying to load something into a truck.

It is unknown what was taken or where the truck went.

Cumiskey said both burglaries are still under investigation, and that the two events were more than likely related.

People who have information or believe they saw anything suspicious are encouraged to call the Worthington tip line at 376-TIPS or email the Worthington Police Department through its website,

Information can be given anonymously.