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Hernandez charged in Sunday driving incident

WORTHINGTON — Ovette Hernandez was arrested and charged with one felony and four misdemeanors as a result of Sunday’s driving incident on East Ninth Avenue.

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Hernandez is charged with a felony, damage to property. He is also charged with four misdemeanors — driving without a valid license, driving while impaired, fleeing a peace officer and reckless driving — according to the Nobles County Jail website.

At approximately 5:15 p.m. Sunday, Hernandez lost control of the Oldsmobile Alero he was driving and went through a storage shed on East Ninth Avenue. He then continued through a cluster of bushes before driving through backyards and striking a deck on a Clary Street house.

Officers on the scene administered a breathalyzer, which was approximately twice the legal limit of .08.

“Those aren’t admissible in court,” Director of Public Safety Mike Cumiskey said. “It’s enough for probable cause to take somebody in and run them through the tests.”

A blood test was administered, but the results were not known Monday afternoon.

Cumiskey confirmed Hernandez was the driver, with Temaj Lopez the passenger. Neither was the owner of the car.

Both fled the scene, but Hernandez was the only one arrested.

“The passenger said ‘I don’t know why I was running, I didn’t do anything wrong,’” Cumiskey said.