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Pot discovery leads to arrests

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WORTHINGTON -- Two individuals were arrested in Worthington on Sunday after approximately 6.4 pounds of marijuana were discovered in their vehicle.

Samuel Lokenye, 24, of Appley Valley and Sean Linton, 23, of Denver, Colo. have been charged with fifth-degree sale of a marijuana mixture except a small amount of marijuana with no remuneration, a felony; and fifth-degree drug possession, not a small amount, a felony.

The charges stem from a Sunday incident in which a Worthington police officer witnessed the suspect vehicle allegedly traveling approximately 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit on Interstate 90, the criminal complaint states.

The officer approached the vehicle after it had parked in a Worthington hotel parking lot and inquired where the driver, Lokenye, and passenger, Linton, had been traveling from.

Based on alleged inconsistent statements the individuals provided separately and denying search of the vehicle, the K-9 officer conducted an exterior sniff of the vehicle, which alerted authorities to illegal substances.

According to the complaint, approximately 6.4 pounds total of raw marijuana and marijuana wax were recovered in the trunk in heat-sealed bags.

Lokenye and Linton’s bail was set at $5,000 each with conditions and $20,000 without.

If convicted of either felony-level offense, the duo face a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.