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Slayton man pleads guilty to assault, violating no-contact order


WORTHINGTON — A Slayton man appeared Thursday in Nobles County District Court on four cases and pleaded guilty to threatening and hitting multiple individuals and violating a protection order.

Sidney Jones, 43, formerly of Worthington, appeared Thursday on four cases and 10 charges. He pleaded guilty to two counts of felony domestic assault and violating the no-contact order within 10 years of the first of two or more convictions, also a felony.

Should he be sentenced in accordance to the plea agreement, two cases and a total of seven charges would be dismissed.

The charges Jones pleaded guilty to stemmed from a February 2017 altercation between two women and a juvenile.

According to the criminal complaint, Jones had gotten into an altercation with a juvenile boy when another individual intervened. He allegedly hit and threatened her. Law enforcement photographed long, bloody scrape marks on the juvenile.

The officer also witnessed scrape marks on Jones as he was being taken to the Nobles County Jail, but Jones said he did not want them photographed.

One week later, the alleged victim filed a report that Jones had violated the no-contact order after he began messaging her through Facebook. As the officer was leaving her residence, Jones was found parked outside within 60 feet of the residence, the complaint states.

Jones said he could not recall all the details of the altercation.

“I can’t remember that day,” he said. “I was intoxicated.”

Judge Timothy Connell accepted Jones’ guilty pleas to the two domestic assault charges and stayed acceptance of the violation of the no-contact order. Sentencing will be scheduled at a later date.

If Jones is sentenced in accordance to the plea agreement, he would receive a stay of adjudication and a stay of execution, both stayed for five years, and a 90-day jail cap. Due to time served, Jones would likely have completed that commitment prior to formally being sentenced.