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Man faces multiple charges after BAC test gets .31-percent result

SLAYTON -- When a Fulda Police officer asked Troy Allen Wolf if he had been drinking, he allegedly admitted he had consumed a couple of beers and had been drinking while driving.

The Intoxilyzer's result of .31 percent blood alcohol concentration made more sense when the officer later collected evidence from Wolf's car and discovered empty beer cans -- three 16-ounce Steel Reserves, a 24-ounce Milwaukee's Best and a 32-ounce Budweiser. There were also two unopened 16-ounce Steel Reserve beers in between the driver and passenger seats.

Wolf was charged Monday in Murray County District Court with receiving stolen property, driving while impaired, open bottle, motor vehicle tampering, driving after cancellation and speeding.

According to the criminal complaint, a caller reported a red vehicle that had almost rear-ended her and was all over the road.

The Fulda officer was able to intercept the car based on the caller's description. As she followed in her squad car, the officer noted the vehicle cross the fog line more than once. She pulled the car over and approached the driver.

Wolf identified himself, but said he didn't have his driver's license with him and that he had left it at his home in Belle Plaine. He also said he did not have insurance.

When Wolf opened his vehicle door, his dog jumped out of the car and ran off, with Wolf giving chase. The officer noted the odor of an alcoholic beverage and could see an open container on the passenger side floor board.

While Wolf was retrieving his dog, the officer ran his plates and discovered the vehicle was entered as stolen.

When Wolf came back, the officer noted he had a wallet in his pocket. When the officer asked if he had any identification, he began to look through his wallet, then handed the officer the whole thing. The officer found a Minnesota ID card and relayed the information to dispatch, who advised her Wolf's driving privileges were cancelled inimical to public safety.

When informed of the stolen vehicle status on the car, Wolf said the vehicle belonged to a friend by the name of Bruce. He didn't know Bruce's last name, but said it was given to Bruce by an ex-girlfriend.

After arresting Wolf and bringing him to the law enforcement center, the officer checked the vehicle for evidence, finding all the empty beer cans and a few other items.

Wolf is currently being held in the Nobles County Jail. His next court appearance is Monday in Slayton.