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Adrian man gets DWI citation in motor home

ADRIAN -- An Adrian man with a cancelled driver's license is facing a first-degree driving while impaired charge -- his fourth DWI in the last decade.

According to a criminal complaint filed this week in Nobles County, Bradley Daniel John, 49, was arrested for DWI Oct. 20, 2001, in Nobles County; April 18, 2002, in Jackson County; and April 14, 2007, in Lyon County, Iowa. His driver's license was cancelled inimical to public safety May 31, 2007, and has remained so.

At approximately 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, an Adrian police officer was on routine patrol when he observed an older-style motor home approach an intersection, turn without signaling and almost run over the curb. The officer followed the motor home and watched as it pulled onto an alley and then into a back yard.

When the driver exited the vehicle, the officer noted the man was moving very slowly. When the officer asked for a driver's license, the man said he did not have one and identified himself as John.

A preliminary breath test resulted in an alleged .168 percent blood alcohol concentration. After administering several field sobriety tests, John was placed under arrest and taken to the Prairie Justice Center in Worthington. John placed a call to an attorney, and after speaking with him, agreed to a breath test. At 10:05 p.m., John's blood alcohol concentration was .12 percent.

When asked if he had been drinking alcohol, John allegedly had no comment and said he did not know if he had previous DWI arrests.

He is charged with two counts of first-degree driving while impaired and one count of driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety.

In 1991, John was charged with counts of burglary in Cottonwood County, and since then has been charged with obstructing the legal process, escaping from custody, giving a false name to a peace officer, possession of marijuana, terroristic threats, fifth-degree assault, violating an order for protection and illegal use of plates in Jackson, Redwood and Nobles counties.