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Sioux Falls man arrested for meth near Beaver Creek

Lenny Ray Holman

LUVERNE -- A Sioux Falls, S.D. man accused of methamphetamine possession and trying to hit and kick a deputy is scheduled to make an initial court appearance next week.

Lenny Ray Holman, 36, was charged last week with storing meth in the presence of a child, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, obstructing the legal process and test refusal.

According to the criminal complaint, a deputy responded July 21 to a report of a vehicle parked in the road on Rock County 25, less than a mile from Beaver Creek. Upon approaching the unmoving vehicle, he saw an individual, later identified as Holman, in the driver's seat and weaving side to side.

The deputy also saw a female lying in the passenger front seat with her head in Holman's lap. The woman was holding a child; another child was in the back seat.

The deputy asked Holman what he was doing, and he allegedly replied his truck had broken down the previous evening. The deputy noted Holman's eyes were dilated, he was jittery and showed other signs of being on a narcotic. When Holman leaned forward to reach for his driver's license, the deputy noted a pipe and two lighters in his pocket.

The deputy asked Holman to exit the vehicle and confiscated the pipe and lighters. The pipe was allegedly caked with a white substance on the inside, but Holman denied knowing what the substance was.

When the deputy attempted to handcuff Holman, the man allegedly pulled his right hand away, put it in his pocket, then grabbed the pipe and started to run. The deputy had already handcuffed Holman's left hand and still had a hold on the cuffs. Holman allegedly threw the pipe and some other object into the ditch and attempted to swing at the deputy, which the deputy deflected. He took Holman to the ground and gained control of the man, then went to the passenger side of the vehicle and ordered the woman to show her hands. He ordered her from the vehicle and detained her in handcuffs.

The deputy then got Holman off the ground and attempted to place him in the squad car, but when he saw the woman moving toward the truck he turned his head. Holman allegedly leaned back on the seat of the squad car and attempted to kick the deputy in the face.

Another deputy arrived and placed the children in the back of his car. The two deputies searched the ditch but were unsuccessful in locating anything, so they contacted the Murray County Sheriff's Office K9 unit.

The certified drug dog searched the vehicle and indicated an odor on the driver's side near the console. The deputy searched the area and located an eyeglass case that allegedly contained a straw with white residue.

At the law enforcement center, Holman refused to submit to a blood test, but agreed to speak with the deputy. He indicated he did not believe he had been operating the vehicle and had not used meth for a week. He did allegedly state he would use meth every day if he could afford it.

Bail was set at $15,000 during a bail study filed Thursday, but as of Tuesday afternoon, Holman is still in custody at the Nobles County Jail.