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Lamberton man charged in baseball bat assault case

WINDOM -- A Lamberton man who is accused of attacking another man at a rural Cottonwood County residence Saturday evening is now facing two felony assault charges.

Scott Mitchell Birch, 19, allegedly attacked another man with a baseball bat, then drove at him with a vehicle in a threatening manner.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim, his brother and a friend were loading some things in a pickup on Cottonwood County 54 when Birch pulled up in a car and started yelling about child support issues. The victim said Birch approached on foot holding a baseball bat on his shoulder in a ready swing position and was threatening to beat the victim.

The victim reported reaching into the box of his pickup and grabbing a package of Turtle Wax car wash. He approached Birch, who allegedly fled to his car. The victim threw the Turtle Wax, and when Birch reached his car he drove in the direction of the victim, his brother and their friend. The victim thought Birch would run them over with the car, the complaint states.

The victim's friend's van was parked in the driveway with the man's three young daughters inside. The girls were allegedly screaming and crying in fear. Birch allegedly drove his car toward the victim's pickup and threw the baseball bat at the truck, striking the vehicle in the passenger side door and mirror.

The victim's friend gave a statement to authorities and said when Birch originally approached and started yelling, he was warned by the friend not to start anything with the kids around.

Birch has two previous juvenile adjudications for receiving stolen property.