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Fulda man faces charges stemming from assault, burglary

SLAYTON -- Cristobal Corona, a 37-year-old man who was accused less than four months ago of kidnapping and raping a woman at his residence in Windom, is now charged in Murray County District Court with burglary and assault.

Bail was set Monday at $75,000 for Corona, who is accused of burglarizing a Fulda home, assaulting more than one person and attempting to harm an officer with a pitchfork.

The complaint states the original 911 call came from the victim's sister shortly before 11 a.m. Sunday, but within minutes, two more calls came from the victim's mother.

Law enforcement personnel who were already enroute to the sister's residence in Fulda changed course and headed for the rural address.

Statements from the sister and the victim later corroborated a story of Corona kicking in the back door of the sister's residence and chasing the victim out of the house.

The victim later told authorities she and Corona, who lived together in an apartment in Fulda, had been arguing all night, so she stayed at her parents' house. In the morning, she went to her sister's residence, thinking Corona was in another town.

He called while she was at her sister's house and stated he was in Fulda, and she could hear that he was walking, so she locked the front and back doors.

Corona allegedly kicked the back door open, pushing the sister out of the way and going after the victim.

When he broke down the back door, the victim ran out the front, but he allegedly tackled her and threw her in a snow bank, pummeling her with his fists, then picking her up off the ground and throwing her against the side of his pickup truck.

According to her statement, he then put her in the driver's seat of the truck, got in the passenger seat and had her drive to their apartment.

Because she didn't want to be alone with him, the complaint states, she talked him into going to her parents' house, using the excuse that she wanted to pick up her child.

When they arrived at the farm, Corona took the keys from the vehicle and got out, and the victim locked the doors from the inside.

Corona allegedly grabbed a piece of wood from the pickup box and threw it through the driver's side window, so the victim jumped across the seat and exited the vehicle through the opposite door.

Corona met her at the side of the truck and struck her in the face, ripping her shirt as he pushed her against a garage door and continued to hit her.

The victim's mother approached with a shovel and hit Corona, trying to protect her daughter, but Corona allegedly pushed the woman to the ground and knocked the victim to the ground.

The victim's father had also approached, and together they attempted to get Corona off their daughter, the complaint states.

The victim told authorities her parents were still trying to pull Corona off her, so he told her to make them let him go and he would let go also.

Corona let her go, and she was able to make it into the house and call 911.

Her father stayed outside to keep an eye on Corona, she said, and it was at this point that a Fulda police officer arrived.

The officer's report states he pulled into the driveway and saw Corona walk toward his vehicle.

The officer advised him to stop, but Corona began to run toward a nearby barn.

After advising dispatch he was in a foot pursuit, the officer gave chase and watched as the suspect grabbed a 5-pronged pitchfork from just inside the barn door.

The officer grabbed Corona by the shoulders and pushed him forward down the hallway of the barn, while Corona was allegedly trying to turn and stab with the pitchfork at the officer's knee.

According to the report, Corona did make contact with the pitchfork, but the officer was able to pin the man into a corner in the barn and force his hands off the handle of the pitchfork.

After getting him into handcuffs and into a squad car, the officer immediately went to the house to check on the victim's condition.

She was later treated for a broken collarbone sustained during the assault.

A Murray County Sheriff's deputy arrived and assisted the officer in transporting Corona to the law enforcement center and interviewing witnesses.

Corona is charged with first- and second-degree burglary, second-, third- and fourth-degree assault, criminal damage to property, domestic assault and obstructing the legal process.

The charges filed in Cottonwood County in November 2010 were dismissed within days of their filing.

A call to the prosecuting attorney regarding the dismissal of the charges was not returned.