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Domestic assault report leads to burglary charge

WORTHINGTON -- He gave police a false name while being arrested because his brother once did the same and got away with it, Khamsone Joe Soukhamthath allegedly told authorities.

Soukhamthath, 22, was arrested last week after members of the Worthington Police Department responded to a report of a domestic assault at a convenience store. When officers arrived, they were told the suspect, Soukhamthath, had already fled the scene wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

While one officer spoke with the victim, two others canvassed the area near the store. While talking to a bystander, they heard the sound of breaking glass coming from a nearby garage.

The officers found the garage door open and requested whoever was inside to come out.

When that got no results, the officers entered the garage and located Soukhamthath, who one officer recognized from previous contacts.

The officers handcuffed and searched Soukhamthath, finding a pipe he allegedly said he used to smoke marijuana.

According to the complaint, when asked for his full name, Soukhamthath gave the officers his brother's name.

Because one officer was aware of both Soukhamthath and his brother, he knew Soukhamthath was not telling the truth and told him so.

During his transport to the law enforcement center, Soukhamthath allegedly told an officer his girlfriend had given him a ride to the residence at which he was arrested and left him there to go to a convenience store, but never came back to get him.

He later told a different officer it was his friend's house, but when he knocked on the door his friend was not home, so he went into the garage to take a bike.

That was when the police showed up, he said, so he hid under a car.

Because his brother had gotten away with giving a false name to an officer once, he thought he would give it a try.

The resident of the home said she did not know Soukhamthath and had not given anyone permission to be in her garage.

The victim told an officer Soukhamthath was an ex-boyfriend and he had driven her to Iowa, but when they were driving back he allegedly told her he was going to drive her to "the boonies" so he could assault her.

She asked repeatedly to be taken back to Worthington, but Soukhamthath kept driving around, she said.

She finally talked him into stopping at a convenience store so she could make a purchase.

When she came back outside, she told him she was going to call police because she had been afraid of him; that was when he tried to grab her phone and grabbed her. Then, she said, he ran away.

A witness who had been pumping gas said he heard the woman say she was calling the police and saw the man run away.

During questioning, Soukhamthath admitted the two had driven to Iowa, but said afterward he wanted to drive around and talk.

When she asked him to take her back, he said he couldn't because he would have had to make an illegal u-turn.

The complaint states Soukhamthath has a suspended driver's license and two fifth-degree assault convictions -- one a juvenile adjudication.

He currently has a case pending for burglary, theft and property damage involving the break-in and burglary of a service station in Rushmore.

Charged with five felonies in that case, he is currently scheduled to go on trial in May.

The new charges include felony-level burglary and domestic assault, along with interfering with an emergency call, giving a peace officer a false name and driving after suspension. Bond was set at $40,000.