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Accomplice arrested, additional charges for Stewart

WORTHINGTON -- When authorities caught up with Mark Daniel Stewart on Monday, not only did they recover the Chevrolet pickup Stewart allegedly stole from Intervet during one of his flights from law enforcement, they also nabbed his accomplice, Sarah Epp, 21, of Harrisburg, S.D.

On May 23, an officer investigating a suspicious person call approached Stewart in Sunset Park.

He reportedly found two people, Stewart and Epp, in a white Pontiac registered in Epp's name.

Stewart fled,and the officer gave chase, but by allegedly breaking into a house to hide, Stewart got away.

Several charges were filed against him, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

On May 28, authorities were informed Stewart was in Adrian, but before they could reach him, he fled in a white Pontiac, along with two passengers.

During the ensuing chase, an officer identified Stewart as the driver.

Once again, Stewart eluded law enforcement, and a second warrant was issued.

The following morning, deputies investigated a report of damage to a garage.

A white Pontiac with South Dakota plates had crashed into the building sometime during the night.

The deputy found a woman asleep in the car. She claimed Epp had been in the vehicle.

In the afternoon of May 29, a deputy was asked to investigate a motor vehicle theft reported at the Intervet test facility in Worthington.

The missing vehicle was a red Chevrolet S-10 pickup, thought to have been taken out of a storage unit.

Tracks in a nearby field made it appear as though someone drove a vehicle around the driveway gate and into the field.

While investigating a tip Monday that Stewart was in Wilmont, a witness told a deputy that Stewart and Epp had just left in a red S-10.

Another deputy, hearing that Stewart had been spotted, headed to Lismore, where Stewart has relatives.

The deputy approached the relatives' house and saw a red S-10 in the backyard.

Through a sliding glass door, he saw a woman in the living room area.

He knocked on the door, but the woman did not move.

Knowing Stewart's relatives were not home, that warrants were out for Stewart's arrest and that Stewart had already burglarized at least one home, the deputy entered the house.

He spoke to the woman, who refused to give her name or answer any questions.

She was later identified as Epp.

Other officers arrived, and permission was granted by the homeowners to search the house.

After receiving a tip that Stewart was running in the alley behind the house, a deputy followed and discovered citizens in Lismore had stopped Stewart.

The owner of the house said neither Stewart nor Epp had permission to be in the home.

The pickup was determined to be the same truck stolen from the Intervet farm.

The license plates, however, were different.

The deputies ran the plates and tracked down the owner. He had reported the plates as stolen shortly after his friend, Stewart, and Epp had visited overnight.

Epp is charged with receiving stolen property, tampering with a motor vehicle and trespassing.

Bond was set at $2,500. Stewart, on top of his two previous files containing charges of fleeing from police and burglary, is now facing additional charges for receiving stolen property, tampering with a motor vehicle and motor vehicle registration violation.

An additional $2,500 was added to his previous bond amount of $50,000.