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Citations: July 16, 2011

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County

July 7: Jose Eduardo Capetillo, Windom, driving after revocation, driver involved in accident fails to give information; Gerlad Franklin Behrendt, Magnolia, driving while impaired (2), open bottle

July 8: Brandon Duane Gunder, Mountain Lake, reckless driving; Carl Edward Rydeen, Mountain Lake, test refusal, driving while impaired

July 11: Adam John Mathiowetz, Mountain Lake, underage drinking and driving

July 12: Heather Danielle Dzuris, Windom, issue dishonored check

July 13: Brian James Glynn, Windom, obstruct legal process, disorderly conduct

July 14: Michael Lee McGuire, Windom, disorderly conduct; Kevin Charles Freking, Windom, obstruct legal process, disorderly conduct; Natasha Linn Coonradt, Windom, felony domestic assault, obstruct legal process, fifth-degree assault

Jackson County

July 8: Khalil Gibron Harris, Lakefield, extradition, give peace officer false name; Scott David Banashak, Jackson, fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, driving while impaired (2)

July 13: Khalil Gibron Harris, Lakefield, give peace officer false name

Murray County

July 11: Michael Paul Rehnelt, Comfrey, disorderly conduct

Nobles County

July 8: Eliseo Conchas, Worthington, no proof of insurance, driving after revocation

July 11: Gedeon Ahemed Salim, Worthington, driving after suspension (2); Gedeon Ahemed Salim, Worthington, driving after suspension, no proof of insurance; Gedeon Ahemed Salim, Worthington, driving after suspension, no proof of insurance, unregistered vehicle, no seat belt; Shawna Marie Fleshman, theft; Dawna Renee McDaniel, Worthington, theft; Gedeon Ahemed Salim, Worthington, driving after suspension, no proof of insurance; Gedeon Ahemed Salim, Worthington, driving after suspension, no proof of insurance; Donald Robert Lundgren Jr., Worthington, theft; Jonathon Joe Macias, Worthington, theft; Byron Donley Ellefsen, Lake Benton, fifth-degree assault; Kevin Wilby Norskog, Adrian, driving while impaired; Charles Bernie Top, Edgerton, fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, disorderly conduct

July 12: Alemu Taffa Urga, Worthington, fails to yield; Karen Irving, Worthington, disorderly conduct

July 14: Joel Hernandez Pacheco, Estherville, Iowa, driving while impaired (2), driving without a valid license, speeding

July 15: Gballay Karmo, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, instructional permit violation, fail to signal lane change; Mark Ngamsanga, Worthington, unregistered vehicle

Pipestone County

July 6: Victoria Lynn Quiantance, Pipestone, issue dishonored check; Marcelino Reyes Jr., Austin, driving while impaired, driving after revocation; Laurena Johnson, Flandreau, S.D., driving while impaired

July 8: Jermaine Edwards Schroeder, Pipestone, fifth-degree assault, theft

July 12: Ryan Christopher Tracy, fourth-degree damage to property, domestic assault

July 14: Chauncy Lyn Swan, Pipestone, domestic assault

Rock County

July 5: Donnie Joe Lockett, Ellsworth, driving while impaired

July 7: Daniel William Gath, Weir, Kan., driving while impaired, open bottle

July 11: Ronald Jay Briggs, Luverne, driving while impaired (2)