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Citations: Oct. 22, 2011

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County

Oct. 12: Steven Charles Nichols, Windom, garbage/junk ordinance (5)

Oct. 18: Ethan Kee Golinghorst, Mountain Lake, theft; Henry Calvin Ysker, Mountain Lake, collision with unattended vehicle, driving without a valid license; Scott Lee Farber, Windom, failure to notify owner of property damage; Nathan James Wallman, Westbrook, driving while impaired (2); Jenny Lee Carlstrom, Maple Lake, receiving stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jackson County

Oct. 14: Joseph Anthony Mulee, Rochester, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, obstruct legal process, small amount of marijuana

Oct. 17: Gregory Allen Godfrey, Dunnell, failure to appear; Tony Joe Benson, Owatonna, fugitive from justice from another state; Bret Charles Heitkamp, Champlin, driving while impaired; Nathan Lyle Anderson, Alpha, aid and advise animal cruelty, child endangerment (2), contributes to need for child protection, mistreat animal; Neil Louis Anderson, Jackson, aid and advise animal cruelty (2), child endangerment (2), contributes to need for child protection; Candace Lea Williams, Jackson, aid and abet in mistreatment of animal (2), child endangerment (2), contributes to need for child protection; Jessica Marie Schmucker, Jackson, aid and abet in mistreatment of animal (2), child endangerment (2), contributes to need for child protection

Oct. 20: Jerry Lee Harberts Jr., Jackson, check forgery

Murray County

Oct. 17: David Wayne Kooiker, Lake Wilson, first-degree damage to property, fifth-degree assault, obstruct legal process, disorderly conduct, crossing fire hose, failure to report fire; Michael Aaron Deuschle, Ione, underage drinking and driving, under 21 liquor possession

Oct. 19: Kyle Gregory Einck, Slayton, fugitive from justice from another state

Nobles County

Oct. 14: Shirley Mae Kass, Worthington, collision with unattended vehicle, driver fails to give information; Maria Magdalena Basilio Francisco, Worthington, theft

Oct. 17: Pamela Lynn Irving, Luverne, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, introduce contraband to jail, small amount of marijuana; German Ricardo Torres, St. James, disorderly conduct; Daryl Walter Yeska Jr., Worthington, speed greater than reasonable; Lindsey Piper, Worthington, trespass, disorderly conduct (2)

Oct. 18: Brittany Baumgartner, Lakefield, library property; Katie Olson, Brewster, library property; Raquel Barajas, Worthington, theft; Mayela Merary Rodriguez, Worthington, theft

Oct. 20: Beatriz Espinoza, Worthington, fourth-degree controlled substance possession, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, store meth paraphernalia in presence of child, drug paraphernalia; Alberto Ludovico Chapa, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, driver fails to stop for sign; Miguel Angel Perez Heredia, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Joseph Paul Smith, Worthington, underage drinking and driving, open bottle, under 21 consumption; Jose Luis Soto Gasca, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Dean Christopher Johnson, Lakefield, theft; Zachariah Michael Schmitz, Brewster, receiving stolen property

Pipestone County

Oct. 14: Kayla Dorathea Rustad, Pipestone, following vehicle more closely than reasonable; Jacob Jay Huibregtse, Holland, fail to stop for school bus; Gail Charlene Burshiem, Pipestone, trespass (2)

Oct. 18: Ramiro Cruz Vargas, Edgerton, third-degree assault, domestic assault

Rock County

Oct. 17: Patrick James Morgan, Janesville, issue dishonored check

Oct. 18: Wayne Leroy Green, Luverne, driving while impaired

Oct. 20: Alexander Mauricio Anaya-Bailon, Worthington, driving while impaired, driving after revocation; Christopher Ray Maeyaert, Redwood Falls, issue dishonored check