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Citations: Jan. 14, 2012

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County

Jan. 6: Clint Michael Dykes, Windom, fourth-degree controlled substance sale (2); Benjamin William Davison, Lamberton, driving while impaired

Jan. 11: Robert Lyle Blom, Mountain Lake, domestic assault

Jackson County

Jan. 6: Eli Allen Pohlman, Jackson, driving while impaired (2), fail to signal for turn; Kevin Matthew Peterson, Jackson, open bottle, drug paraphernalia, under 21 liquor possession, possession of dangerous weapon, possession of over 1.4 grams marijuana in motor vehicle; Johnathon Walter Ray Naumann, Windom, driving while impaired (2), under 21 consumption

Jan. 9: Michael John Miller, Lino Lakes, test refusal, driving while impaired, possess pistol without permit, speeding; Lelani Marie Aleman, Jackson, nuisance

Jan. 11: Nicole Marie Hadenfeldt, Jackson, fugitive from justice from another state

Jan. 12: Shawn Phillip Follen, Brewster, issue dishonored check offense

Murray County

Jan. 5: Thomas Edward Fitzgerald, Iona, driving while impaired (2), violate driving restrictions; Jessica Kay Knakmuhs, Westbrook, driving while impaired (2)

Nobles County

Jan. 6: Maddison Mary Ann Miller, Cherokee, Iowa, driving while impaired (2); Crystal Jo Trejo, Luverne, financial transaction card fraud, theft; Patrick Michael Gordon, Iona, driving after revocation; Max Leovan, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Eli Christian Escalante-Gonzalez, Pipestone, uninsured vehicle, driving without a valid license

Jan. 9: Devon Allan Maras, Worthington, check forgery (2), theft; Alvin Alan Becker, Jackson, theft; Jason Lee Heser, Ashton, Iowa, driving while impaired (2); Brad Allen Mayefske, Worthington, receiving stolen property, drug paraphernalia; Johnathon Jay Kruse, Worthington, possession of pistol/assault weapon after conviction of violent crime, firearm violation, receiving stolen property, drug paraphernalia; Carlos Garcia, Worthington, driving while impaired; Jose Suarez Jr., Worthington, uninsured vehicle, driving without a valid license, speeding; Nyanpal Reat, uninsured vehicle

Jan. 10: Albertina Lopez-Ortiz, Pipestone, uninsured vehicle; Julian Lamar Moore, Adrian, theft of motor vehicle, flee from peace officer escape from custody, driving while impaired (2), driving after revocation; Patricio Martinez Martinez, Worthington, no proof of insurance, speeding

Jan. 11: Kelly Jo Torres, Rushmore, theft by check, issue dishonored check

Jan. 12: Dawna Renee McDaniel, Worthington, theft

Jan. 13: Nieves Hernandez, Worthington, domestic assault

Pipestone County

Jan. 9: Coty Allen Tellinghuisen, Pipestone, second-degree burglary, theft

Jan. 10: Zachary Michael Verschelde, Ivanhoe, fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct; Donovan Edward Hollis, Pipestone, dangerous weapons

Rock County

Jan. 11: Wendell Wayne Hunt, Kenneth, furnish liquor to minor; Joshua Roger Swenson, Luverne, third-degree criminal sexual conduct, furnish liquor to minor; David Ray Donkersloot, Brandon, S.D., driving while impaired, uninsured vehicle, driving after revocation, careless driving