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Fulda teen charged with burglary

WORTHINGTON -- A 19-year-old Fulda man pulled over after a Worthington police officer noticed sparks coming from under his car is now facing burglary and theft charges, along with two counts of driving while impaired.

Devin Bradley Webb was stopped at approximately 3:30 a.m. Sunday as he travelled south on U.S. 59 near Interstate 90. When the officer shined a flashlight into the car, he noticed five bottles of alcohol on the floor of the back seat. All of the bottles had been opened and were partially empty.

The officer detected the odor of alcohol coming from the driver, Webb. A 17-year-old juvenile male passenger did not have identification, but gave his name and birth date.

The officer arrested and ticketed Webb and collected the bottles, which included a liter of Kraken rum, Grand Marnier, a vanilla liqueur, Jim Beam Red Stag and Fireball whiskey. Webb told the officer the alcohol belonged to his mother, who had used the car earlier and must have forgotten to take it out.

At 8:30 a.m., the officer received a report of a burglary at a bar in Worthington. An employee reported someone had forced a door open and stolen several bottles of alcohol, including Kraken rum, Grand Marnier and Jim Beam Red Stag. When shown the surveillance recording, the officer immediately recognized Webb as the man breaking in the door and taking bottles of alcohol.

Webb had been released from jail earlier that morning, so the officer contacted the Fulda Police Department and asked them to pick him up. He was transported to the Nobles County Jail, where he elected not to give a statement.

The officer spoke with the juvenile who had been in the car, who stated he had met up with Webb at about 1:30 a.m. Webb had already been drinking with his mother, the juvenile said. The two stopped at a motel to see Webb's girlfriend, but there was no answer at her door. The juvenile said he then waited outside in the car while Webb found a bathroom. Ten to 15 minutes later, Webb came out with the bottles of liquor, the teen said.

He is charged with driving while impaired, third-degree burglary, theft, receiving stolen property and damage to property.

Webb has previous convictions for underage drinking, driving after revocation and marijuana possession.

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