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Rushmore couple charged with check forgery

WORTHINGTON -- A request for public defenders was approved last week for Amy Marie Dammer and Bryon James Fischer of Rushmore, who are charged in Nobles County District Court with check forgery and possession of stolen checks.

The complaints state the victim contacted the Nobles County Sheriff's Office in early February to report someone had been using her checking account locally while she was out of town.

She said she discovered her account was overdrawn, and the bank had informed her someone was using checks in the 3,000 number range.

Those books, she said, were at her home in Rushmore.

The victim suspected her daughter's boyfriend, Fischer, was the person writing the checks.

Using surveillance photos and video from various store where the checks were passed, an investigator identified the person who had used the checks as Fischer.

One of the checks received had a license plate number which matched a car located at the victim's home.

The vehicle was registered to a person in Sioux Falls, S.D., who gave authorities permission to secure the vehicle at the Prairie Justice Center and do a search.

The victim gave the investigator permission to search her home.

A deputy was asked to search for a vehicle known to belong to Fischer's girlfriend, Dammer.

While the deputy was searching, she saw the vehicle and attempted to follow it, but the car made a quick turn onto a side street.

The deputy stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as Dammer. Fischer was a passenger.

Dammer said she and her boyfriend were headed home.

The complaint notes there was no reason for the couple to have turned onto the side street after seeing the deputy if the house in Rushmore was their destination.

The deputy noted Dammer was the same female in one of the surveillance videos.

When the investigator arrived, Dammer allegedly said she had the victim's checks in her vehicle, and pulled two books of checks out of her purse.

She said she had found the checks in the house, but did not tell the victim.

She accused another woman of being the person who had written out the checks.

During an interview, Fischer named the same person Dammer had named as the one who had written out the checks.

The checks written in Nobles County totaled more than $500, and the complaint states others issued at other stores will likely be coming in.

Fischer was recently released from jail after being convicted of fifth-degree controlled substance possession in Rock County.

He has a previous conviction of domestic assault in Pipestone County.

Dammer has previous convictions for driving while impaired and driving after revocation, and was sentenced in 2006 to one year in jail for second-degree controlled substance possession.

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