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Citations: March 10, 2012

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County

Feb. 23: Chad Joseph Wilkison, Slayton, failure to notify owner of damaged property

Feb. 27: James Robert Lugo, Windom, terroristic threats, domestic assault

March 1: Geraldine Egremy-Jimenez, Windom, terroristic threats

March 2: Juan Carlos Rodas-Barrios, Windom, false name to peace officer; Dominique Nicole Westman, Windom, driving while impaired (2), reckless driving, failure to notify owner of damage, under 21 consumption; John Lawrence Damm, Okabena, driving while impaired

March 5: Paul Loren Voth Jr., Windom, driving while impaired (2), open bottle, no lights

Jackson County

Feb. 22: Bobby Louis Sherff, Jackson, theft, domestic assault by strangulation, domestic assault, criminal vehicular operation (2)

Feb. 24: Victoria Lynn Ogren, Sherburn, driving while impaired; Gilberto Hernandez Ruiz, Butterfield, driving after revocation, false name to peace officer, no proof of insurance, speeding, child restraint system

Feb. 28: Daniel Ryan Wetering, Worthington, fleeing a peace officer; Caleb William Rossow, Jackson, driving while impaired (2); Ricky Ybarra, Lakefield, third-degree burglary

March 5: Blas Palma Alverado, Worthington, driving while impaired, open bottle, speeding; Manuel Trevino Jr., Sherburn, test refusal, driving while impaired

March 6: David Scott Frederick, Jackson, domestic assault; Sarah Jean Valetti, Algona, Iowa, driving while impaired (2), failure to signal; Heather Leigh Oldeen, Mankato, check forgery (4)

Murray County

March 1: Bradley Wayne Boje, Iona, disorderly conduct, fourth-degree property damage

March 2: Stephanie Ann Gilb, Marshall, disorderly conduct, public nuisance

Nobles County

Feb. 21: Nicacio Ambrocio, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, driving without a valid license

Feb. 23: William Boyd Spangler, Lakefield, driver fails to stop for accident

Feb. 27: Silberio Lopez-Martin, Worthington, no proof of insurance, driving without a valid license; Vithoune Thammavongsa, Worthington, driving after revocation

Feb. 28: Ryan Julian Fitzgerald, Worthington, no proof of insurance, driving after suspension

Feb. 29: Ariana Obego, Worthington, disorderly conduct, obstruct legal process; Angela Lynn Zech, Spencer, Iowa, theft; Mary Ann Stoner, Luverne, theft; Adrian Lee Tolbert, Luverne, theft; Taylor David Martin Wiemer, Fulda, theft

March 2: Tyra Kathleen Stainbrook, Jackson, theft; Joseph Royal Miller, Worthington, fifth-degree controlled substance sale, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, drug paraphernalia; Jose Lopez Juarez, Worthington, violate no contact order

March 5: Ban Du La Sein, Worthington, first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree criminal sexual conduct, third-degree criminal sexual conduct, fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct; Mark Allen Huisman, Worthington, driving while impaired (2), open bottle

March 6: Ryan Dennis White, Worthington, disorderly conduct; Nicholas Anthony Butera, Worthington, theft

March 7: Jeremiah Ambush Schroeder, Bigelow, theft; Joshua Michael Nolte, Adrian, driving while impaired; Ngor Akot Ateim, Worthington, driving while impaired

Pipestone County

Feb. 24: Amanda Kaye Pankonen, Pipestone, careless driving; Barbara Ann Rozeboom, Pipestone, driving while impaired, open bottle