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Charges filed in December assault

SLAYTON -- A complaint summons was filed this week against a Sioux Falls, S.D. man accused of assaulting a Hadley man in December 2011 outside a local bar.

Michael Larry Grimmius, 23, is charged with first-, third- and fifth-degree assault, as well as disorderly conduct, and could face a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison for inflicting great bodily harm upon the victim.

The complaint states various police reports and investigative information show that on the evening of Dec. 7, 2011, Grimmius and the victim had several exchanges and conversation while inside the Hadley Bar.

Eventually the two men went outside and a physical fight started.

The fight was allegedly observed by a bystander and four individuals in a nearby pickup truck, who stated the victim took a swing at Grimmius, then Grimmius punched the victim in the face, which knocked him unconscious.

The victim dropped to the ground and struck his head on the concrete, the witnesses reported, then Grimmius allegedly got on top of the victim and struck him repeatedly until the driver of the pickup shouted for him to stop.

Grimmius then got off the victim, who was lying unconscious on the ground with blood running down the street.

He allegedly had a brief conversation with some people who had arrived, then left the scene.

The bartender who was working the evening of the fight told authorities Grimmius had told her immediately after the fight the victim deserved it.

As a result of the assault, the victim was admitted to an intensive care unit at a hospital in Sioux Falls, where he was unconscious for a period of time.

He suffered the loss of teeth, a broken nose and fractures of the cheekbone and areas of the eye.

The complaint summons states Grimmius, formerly of Chandler, has a first appearance date of April 9 in Murray County District Court.

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