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Busy weekend for law enforcement

WORTHINGTON -- After a busy weekend for law enforcement, several criminal complaints were filed in Nobles County District Court early this week.

Eduardo Vasquez Hernandez, 44, of Haywarden, Iowa, is facing charges of felony-level burglary and theft after allegedly stealing an 8-month-old English bulldog the owner said was worth $1,800.

The complaint states authorities received a report of theft of the dog shortly after 3:30 p.m. Saturday. The dog had been kept in an outbuilding kennel on an acreage on Palm Avenue.

The owner said Hernandez had come to his residence about a week earlier to buy hay, but his wife told the man to come back later when her husband was home. On Saturday, his wife came home to find Hernandez at the residence asking to buy hay. She told him once again to come back when her husband was home. A short time later, she noticed the dog was missing from its kennel. She said she knew all of the dogs were accounted for before she left the house.

A Nobles County Deputy located Hernandez at another residence in Nobles County and spoke with him. Hernandez allegedly said he was at the acreage on Palm Avenue to get hay, but no one was home. He walked around and came upon an outbuilding with several small dogs, so he opened the pen and took one. He said he put the dog on the floor of his vehicle and left, but met the woman as he was driving away and told her he was there to buy hay. Hernandez allegedly said it was easy to take the dog because no one was around. During a later interview, he allegedly apologized for taking the dog and said he didn't know why he did it. He told the deputy he had taken the dog to a friend's house on East Avenue.

The owner said a sale agreement had already been made with a buyer for that dog. The animal was retrieved from the residence on East Avenue and returned to the owners.

Hernandez is scheduled to make his initial court appearance June 5.

At approximately 5:14 p.m. Saturday, officers from the Worthington Police Department investigated a domestic incident on Liberty Drive that resulted in the arrest of Viet Quoc Chau, 51, of Worthington. Chau was charged later with third-degree assault with substantial bodily harm and two counts of fifth-degree assault.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they were met by a man who said the assailant had just left in a maroon vehicle. An officer stopped the vehicle and detained the driver, who identified himself as Chau.

The man who called in the complaint told authorities his wife was the victim of the assault. According to the complainant, Chau had been visiting the couple and started making advances toward the victim. When she spurned his advances, Chau allegedly got mad and grabbed the woman around the neck, pinning her against the wall and choking her. Another man who was visiting stopped the assault and the victim's husband called the police. He said he suspected Chau had been smoking marijuana.

The victim said Chau wants to have a relationship with her and got mad when she said no. She said she could not breathe when Chau was choking her, but didn't lose consciousness.

At the law enforcement center, Chau allegedly told authorities he was just defending himself from an attack by the victim. He denied choking her, stating he pushed her away by putting his hands on her neck. He denied drinking that day, but allegedly said he had been smoking a little bit of marijuana.

He is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Tuesday.

On Sunday, authorities were dispatched to Sungold Heights Trailer Court to respond to a report of a man threatening others with a knife. They arrested 57-year-old Hector Luis Delgado, who was later charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault.

At the scene, authorities found the complainant standing outside. He stated Delgado was still in the trailer and was armed with a knife. An officer entered the trailer and found Delgado sitting on a bed, hunched over with his arms on his knees. Delgado did not respond to a command to show his hands. The officer saw a 12-inch knife on the floor less than a foot from the man's feet.

Delgado was handcuffed and taken into custody, and officers noted the strong smell of alcohol coming from him. Delgado also allegedly had poor balance and was slurring his words.

The victim said he and Delgado are roommates at the trailer, and Delgado had pulled the knife out of his waistband and held it less than a foot from the victim's face, asking him if he had a problem.

Delgado gave a weak preliminary breath test that showed a blood alcohol concentration of .103 percent. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance June 5.