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Lake Wilson man arrested twice in five days for DWI

SLAYTON -- A Lake Wilson man managed to rack up a slew of alcohol-related charges in less than a week, with two separate arrests within five days.

Roy Wilbert Meier was 56 years old when he was arrested June 24 after running into the side of a convenience store in Lake Wilson with his truck. Several days after his 57th birthday, he was arrested again after allegedly taking a vehicle that was not his when he left a store in Currie on June 29.

According to the criminal complaints, an employee at Easy Street convenience store called authorities to report a red pickup truck had struck the building, then left the scene at approximately 8 p.m. June 24. A Murray County Sheriff's Office deputy went to the location and found a large dent in the building and Meier sitting in a pickup nearby. When Meier saw the deputy, he allegedly attempted to start the vehicle, but the deputy reached in and removed the key.

Meier was removed from the truck, and he refused a breath test. He was placed into a squad car. The deputy spoke with the employee, who said she did not see the crash, but was informed and went out to inspect the damage. The truck had been moved back off the sidewalk, and she obtained the license number. While she was looking at the building, Meier came out of the store, got in his truck and drove away.

A witness who had seen the crash was identified and interviewed.

At the Law Enforcement Center, Meier refused field sobriety tests, stating he had arthritis and could not perform the tests. He did take a gaze test, which he failed, and was unable to recite the alphabet.

When the deputy read the implied consent advisory, Meier swore repeatedly and stated he had not been driving the truck. He said he wanted to consult an attorney, but refused to call anyone. He once again refused a breath test, stating he did not drive.

He was taken to the Lyon County Jail, and bail was set the next day at $500. He was granted a public defender, and told his conditions of release included no alcohol or drug use.

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. June 29, a woman in Currie called to say a drunk driver had almost hit two little girls. The driver had a maroon car with a black hood, the caller said, and she relayed the license plate number. Several minutes later, dispatch received a 911 call from a woman who said Meier had left in her car, maroon with a black hood, instead of his own while at the gas station in Currie. A Minnesota State Patrol trooper said the car had been spotted south of Currie, heading back toward town.

A Murray County deputy went to the store and found Meier sitting in the car that had been reported stolen, and a small maroon car registered to Meier's ex-wife sat nearby. Meier allegedly smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet.

A deputy spoke with Meier's ex-wife, who said he had come out to her residence the evening before driving a van, and left in the car without her permission.

At the Law Enforcement Center, Meier allegedly refused to cooperate, turning his back on the deputy when asked about consent and attorneys. He refused a breath test and urinated on himself while the deputy was out of the room. He was taken to a jail cell to use the toilet, and while there became upset and started demanding food, threatening to urinate on the floor if he was not fed immediately.

For the June 24 incident, Meier was charged June 25 with test refusal, driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety and driving while impaired. On Monday, charges were filed against Meier for theft of a motor vehicle, test refusal, driving after cancellation and tampering with a motor vehicle.

After the second arrest, bail was set at $6,000 with the condition he not use or possess alcohol. Meier is currently on probation, having pleaded guilty June 4 to trespass and disorderly conduct in Murray County District Court. He was ordered at that time to stay away from alcohol.

He has previous convictions in several counties for domestic assault, contempt of court, terroristic threats, theft, disorderly conduct, test refusal and aggravated driving while impaired.

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