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Estherville man charged with alleged attempted rape

JACKSON -- An Estherville, Iowa, man is facing two counts of criminal sexual conduct after allegedly trying to rape a Jackson woman.

The complaint states authorities were contacted in the early morning hours on July 21 regarding three intoxicated males trying to get a vehicle started in a parking lot.

While en route, deputies from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office learned a woman had called and stated one of the three males had tried to rape her.

When the deputies arrived, three Hispanic males were standing by a vehicle that had its hood up.

The deputies told the males to stand by the car and not talk, but one kept talking to the others, so he was separated and put in a squad car.

A woman at the scene said the man they had put in the car had tried to rape her mother.

She said she and her mother had met Jose Manuel Martinez, 33, a few weeks ago.

They invited him over to their home the evening of the incident, and three men arrived with beer.

They were still up and drinking at 4:30 a.m. the next morning. The woman said she had noticed Martinez and her mother talking, and not long afterward went into her mother's room and found Martinez on top of the woman.

The woman asked her mother if she was OK and the woman replied she was not.

The woman tried to turn on the light, but it did not work.

She went into the room and discovered Martinez was allegedly holding a pillow over his victim's face.

The deputy found later that the light bulb from the lamp had been loosened so it would not turn on.

The victim told authorities she believed Martinez has unscrewed the bulb.

She said she went to bed, and woke up to find Martinez lying on her and trying to penetrate her.

Martinez, also known as Jose Manegas, Jose Manega, Manuel Martinez and Jose Martinez Vanegas, was taken into custody. Bond was set at $30,000, and a public defender was appointed.

He is scheduled to make an initial appearance Aug. 1.