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Nobles County District Court: Feb. 4, 2013

Devon Allen Maras, Avoca, failed to appear in court Jan. 22 on a felony charge of allegedly making terroristic threats with a reckless disregard of risk.

A warrant was issued, and the initial appearance rescheduled for Feb. 19.

Brent James Kolander, Estherville, Iowa, appeared for a contested omnibus hearing Jan. 24 on a charge of fourth-degree drug sales.

The case was taken under advisement, and an arraignment was scheduled for March 6.

Alex Meuangkhoth, Storm Lake, Iowa, made an initial appearance Jan. 25 on two felony charges -- alleged assault with a dangerous weapon and terroristic threats with reckless disregard of rick to the public.

Meuangkhoth pleaded not guilty to both felonies. Interim conditions were established for Meuangkhoth and a jury trial schedule. A non-cash bond was posted on Jan. 29, and a notice of the case assignment was issued the same day.

Natali Ramirez, Worthington, appeared Jan. 29 for a contested omnibus on a charge of fifth-degree drug possession of not a small amount of marijuana.

Ramirez pleaded not guilty to the charges. The arraignment was held with a jury trial to be scheduled.

Jesse Le Bartholmey, Wilmont, appeared Jan. 29 for a contested omnibus hearing for six felonies -- two counts of allegedly selling marijuana in a school, park, public housing zone, or drug treatment facility; two counts of allegedly selling a marijuana mixture with no remuneration; and two counts of allegedly possessing marijuana; as well as one petty misdemeanor.

A request for continuance was submitted. A Tuesday omnibus hearing was canceled and rescheduled by agreement for March 19.

Melissa Lynn Newhouse, Jackson, appeared in court Jan. 30 on allegations of one misdemeanor, one petty misdemeanor and two drug felonies.

A notice of case assignment was issued on Jan. 30. A contested omnibus hearing was scheduled for April 9.