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15 dead horses discovered on Reading farm

Fifteen horses were found dead earlier this week at this farm southwest of Reading. Nine other horses were found alive at the scene. (BRIAN KORTHALS/DAILY GLOBE)

READING — The Nobles County Attorney’s Office is investigating a case of animal neglect after the remains of 15 horses were discovered earlier this week on a farm west of Reading.

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Nobles County Sheriff’s deputies were called late Tuesday afternoon to investigate a report of dead horses on the acreage at 26188 210th St.

According to Nobles County Sheriff Kent Wilkening, the deputies were accompanied to the farm by a veterinarian from the Veterinary Medical Center in Worthington. Upon arrival, the veterinarian counted the remains of 15 horses “in varying states of decay,” Wilkening said. Nine horses on the farm were still alive.

Wilkening said he could not release the name of the individual who owned the horses at this time, as formal charges have not yet been filed.

It was apparent during the investigation that the horses had been starved.

“(They) ran out of money and didn’t have money to buy hay,” said Wilkening. “In (the vet’s) professional opinion, these animals were not receiving the care they needed. It was readily apparent the horses were malnourished.”

The nine living horses remain on the farm, and Wilkening said deputies continue to check on them to ensure they are being provided food and water.

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