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Robbery ends with fatal self-inflicted gunshot

WOODBURY — A deadly robbery attempt Saturday morning in Woodbury might have ended differently, were it not for the presence of a Woodbury patrol officer and an alert worker.

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According to Woodbury police, an armed man tried to rob Johnson Jewelers in a Radio Drive shopping center but ended up turning the gun on himself.

Woodbury detectives continued to search for an alleged accomplice. A Woodbury Public Safety Department release said police were looking for a man driving a blue four-door Chevrolet Impala bearing the license plates 621 NAV.

Steven Robert Johnson, a watchmaker at Johnson Jewelers, said the robber came into the shop at 9:20 a.m., drew a handgun and demanded keys for the jewelry showcase.

“I knew immediately, as soon as he walked in, that I was now under attack,” Johnson said.

The robber placed numerous diamonds in a bag, but Johnson said he appeared to be calm as he ordered him around the shop.

“He was calm, and he knew what he was doing,” Johnson said.

The robber’s entrance was witnessed by Johnson Jewelers employee Kristen Meyer, who was headed back to the store after walking to the Holiday Station Store across the parking lot. Johnson said Meyer sensed an urgency in the man’s approach to the store.

Johnson said Meyer flagged down a Woodbury police officer who happened to be patrolling the lot. That officer took up a position on foot next to the store and drew his gun, Johnson explained. He said the robber and the officer spotted each other and “everything changed.”