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Citations: 07/18/2012

The following charges have been filed in area district courts:

Cottonwood County:

June 26: Cody Wyatt Ziesmer, Willmar, predatory offender knowingly violates registration requirements

June 27: Jennifer Anderson, Windom, check forgery

June 28: Marcus Alan Schumann, Windom, furnish alcohol to minor; Shaun Michael Thornton, Windom, predatory offender knowingly violates registration requirements; Johnny Stahl Jr., Mountain Lake, motor vehicle registration-intent to escape tax, no proof of insurance

July 2: Laura Elizabeth Hage, Windom, domestic assault; Tanya Kitang Morrison, Windom, fifth-degree assault, domestic assault

July 3: Ernest Dale Ysker, Mountain Lake, careless driving

July 5: Ethan Kee Golinghorst, Mountain Lake, third-degree burglary

July 9: Johnathan Dale Pfundt, Windom, theft, driving after revocation

July 12: Jeannette Desbel Morrison, Windom, disorderly conduct; Terri Lynn Iverson, Windom, fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct; Many Ann Boldt, Mountain Lake, theft, financial exploitation of vulnerable adult; Harlan Eugene Harris, Lakefield, fail to stop for sign; Amber Lee Hedrick, Mountain Lake, theft

Jackson County:

July 5: Robin William Mangwa-Sika, Marshall, driving while impaired, test refusal

July 6: Logan Robert Schoer, Alpha, theft

July 10: Danielle Skie Sangl, Lakefield, fail to stop for accident

July 11: Lexy Marie Samdak, Jackson, domestic assault

Murray County:

July 6: Nathan Patrick Janssen, Slayton, driving while impaired (2), failure to stop for sign, small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia

July 9: Ricky Lee Iverson, Fulda, reckless driving

July 10: Cody Joseph Ommen, Fulda, reckless driving

July 11: Alan Dean Legler, Dundee, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, open bottle, drug paraphernalia, failure to stop for sign

Nobles County:

June 29: Jose Jesus Vasquez, Worthington, uninsured vehicle; Maria Guadalupe Vasquez-Urenda, Worthington, uninsured vehicle;

July 2: Shawna Marie Fleshman, Windom, unlawful possession of legend drugs; Lisa Jimenez-Martinez, Worthington, second-degree assault, interfere with emergency call, domestic assault; Jose Angel Bohnenblust, Worthington, trespass, obstruct legal process; Armonda Isaias Hernandez, Worthington, third-degree burglary, theft; Daniel Reynaldo Deleon, Worthington, driving without a valid license, reckless driving; Rose Kristine Kallemeyn, Bigelow, underage drinking and driving, under 21 consumption, driving after revocation, fleeing a peace officer; Bryan Omar Garcia-Blanco, Worthington, driving after suspension;

July 3: Dylan Lee Mariner, Brewster, fifth-degree assault (2), theft;

Pipestone County:

June 26: Lynda Vos Steen, Pipestone, driving while impaired; Orlando Dale Pluim, Pipestone, domestic assault, disorderly conduct; Melissa Marie Brimmer, Pipestone, domestic assault, disorderly conduct; Chance Wesley Adams, Pipestone, disorderly conduct; Karen Blume, Pipestone, theft

July 9: Keith Charles Wood, Woodstock, driving while impaired, driving without a valid license, expired plates, failure to stop for sign; Luz Haydee Rivera Flores, Jasper, fifth-degree assault

July 11: Dwight Jones, Pipestone, garbage ordinance; Wallace Gilbert, Pipestone, garbage ordinance

Rock County:

July 9: Paul Martin Schroeder, Beaver Creek. Second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon

July 10: Lucas Daniel Sandager, Hills, failure to stop at sign, driving while impaired (2); Chad Michael Lillico, Luverne, driving while impaired

July 13: Timothy Sandy, Sioux Falls, S.D., speeding