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Editorial: Welcome, Richard Shrubb

While we can't help marvel at the irony of a Shrubb replacing a Wood, we're pleased to welcome Richard Shrubb -- the heir apparent to Wood -- as president of Minnesota West Community and Technical College.

Shrubb will likely be accepted as Minnesota West president when the Minnesota State Colleges and University (MNSCU) Board of Trustees meets March 19. James McCormick, MNSCU chancellor, announced his recommendation of Shrubb on Wednesday, and we can't certainly fault the newcomer's enthusiasm for his new position. (He said he was "filled with such happy adrenaline" that he shoveled the driveways of his neighbors' as well his own after receiving the news).

Shrubb, who is now serving as vice president of academic and student affairs at Terra State (Ohio) Community College, should enjoy his move to Minnesota, considering his zeal for shoveling. More importantly, Shrubb has a genuine eagerness to get to work in his new surroundings, and to learnwhat works and what doesn't. "I want to find out as quickly as I can what things I should not change," Shrubb said. "I want to meet people and listen; those are the two big things I'll be doing."

We're feel it's important to note that the process of selecting Shrubb has thus far gone smoothly. Twelve people were interviewed for the president's job, which we feel is a tribute to the appeal Minnesota West has to prospective college administrators. We trust Shrubb will demonstrate the leadership capabilities that helped make him the chancellor's top choice.