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Column: Come and visit the improved middle school

District 518

WORTHINGTON -- Greetings from WMS! After a busy summer filled with construction, lots of interviews and planning for the fifth-graders moving in, we are up and running and everyone is settling into a routine.

We are now in the process of preparing for a public open house. We would really like for you to come out and see all of the progress that was made this summer. Come and see the new look to the front and the new, secure entrance to the building. You can check out the new fifth-grade addition, the new office area, and the remodeled classroom and office space for some of our special education teachers and students.

Much of the other work that took place this summer you can't see because it happened above the ceilings, in our penthouse and on the roof. We had our entire heating and air conditioning system replaced which required work in every room in the building. Many classrooms and most of the hallways have brand new ceilings due to the extent of this work. If you have an interest, or are just curious, we'll even open up the penthouse so you can see the main workings of the ventilation system up close. The last area of our roof was also redone, so now our entire roof is no more than 5 years old.

I said that everything is up and running, but I didn't say everything was perfect. There is a hammer drill going outside my office as I write this article. We are allowing only essential work to continue during the school day; otherwise, the contractors are required to come after school or on the weekend to finish their work. We have sprung a few leaks as systems are started up, but nothing to prevent our regular school programming from continuing. Air handlers continue to be balanced, the adapters for our new outside lighting just arrived and our name just went onto the building Tuesday.

Please come to the Worthington Middle School Open House for the public from 4 to 7 p.m. Sept. 30. I hope to see you there.

Jeff Luke is principal at Worthington Middle School.