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Ellsworth passes referendum; MCC and RRC unknown

WORTHINGTON -- Voters in the Ellsworth school district approved a referendum in their district, but the fate of two other district referendums was still uncertain as of 12:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Ellsworth Independent School District 514 will revoke its existing referendum of $982 per student and authorize a new referendum of $1,332 per student.

About two-thirds of voters approved the referendum; the measure received 226 yes votes and 109 no votes.

As of midnight Tuesday, there were not enough precincts in the Murray County and Red Rock Central school districts reporting to determine whether the referendums would be approved.

Murray County Central (ISD 2169) wanted to evoke its existing referendum of $832 per pupil and authorize a new referendum of $1,282.

As of press time, voters were favoring passage, with 873 yes votes and 371 no votes reported.

The referendum's fate was less clear in the Red Rock Central district (ISD 2884), where administrators requested revocation of its existing $950 per student referendum and replacement with a $1,450 per student referendum.

As of press time, the measure garnered 118 yes votes and 139 no votes, a virtual tie.