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Column: WCS Christmas program tells season's story

WORTHINGTON -- On Dec. 16, Worthington Christian School performed its annual Christmas program. The title of the program was "This Shall Be a Sign Unto You." The theme was using common road signs to tell the story of Jesus' birth. So, when you see a common road sign, you can think of it in God's way in His story.

For example, today the road sign yield means slow down and wait for traffic, but to apply it to the Christmas story, it means yield to God's will -- just like Mary had to believe and yield to God in the Christmas story. It was God's plan to make Mary a part of something greater. Another sign that was used in the program was the cross traffic sign. On our streets today, it means traffic crossing ahead of you doesn't stop, but for our program it was used to explain that as Christians we are cross traffic -- following the cross of Jesus. That means that when we leave this world, we will keep going into heaven. We won't stop with death, which Jesus came to this earth to do.

As part of the program, we heard the angels' message when the audience sang and the band accompanied "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." We stood at the manger singing "Silent Night, Holy Night" And so many other songs took us through the meaning of Christmas.

One of the favorite songs for the students to sing was "Love Letters of Christmas." In this song, we sang about the whole story of Jesus' birth using each letter to stand for something in the Christmas story. So, the letter S of chriStmas was sung "a Star moving through the heavens," the letter A of christmAs was put to music through the words "the Angel who watched the baby boy", and lastly the letter S of christmaS made the final overall point, saying "a Savior is sent from heaven, great Shepherd is he, the Son of the living God brings salvation to you and me."

The song ended with the chorus "Love letters of Christmas telling me God loves every boy and girl, love letters of Christmas telling me God so loved the world." And that is what Christmas is all about. Thinking of Jesus' birth is more important than thinking of presents and Santa.

So to all of you, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

McKayla Gravenhof is an eighth grader at Worthington Christian School.