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Board sets February referendum date

School board approves remediation program

WORTHINGTON -- The Worthington School District 518 Board of Education approved a fifth- through eighth-grade summer school remediation program as an additional method for students to be held accountable for their grades.

Area Learning Center Principal Nate Hanson explained to board members the remediation program caters students who fail three subjects. The program will create a contract between the school, the student and their parents, which states students who do not attend summer school will be subjected to other forms of help when the new academic year commences.

Fifth-graders will be required to attend intervention at the middle school, sixth- and seventh-graders will start the new school year at the ALC middle level program, and eighth-grade students, instead of starting as ninth-graders at the high school will begin at the ALC.

The alternatives to summer school are the new change to the original district 518 summer school format, Hanson explained when school board member Mark Shepherd asked about the primary difference.

Board member Linden Olson asked why the program targeted students failing three classes instead of those failing one or two classes.

"Kids who fail one, two, three or more classes are apt to go to summer school (to catch up)," said high school principal, Paul Karelis.

Hanson said summer school is available for students failing any number of classes, but specifically for the remediation program -- failing three classes was the chosen parameter.

Approximately 32 students have been identified for the summer school remediation program.

In other business, school board members approved:

* A VeriTime contract as the time tracking system for schools. The VeriTime system replaces TimeClock Plus - the current systems in place to track employee hours. District 518 Superintendent John Landgaard explained VeriTime is a more user-friendly software. It works with the district's absence management system (Aesop)to combine both hours and absences onto a single platform. The annual cost for VeriTime is an additional $2,000 more than TimeClock Plus.

* Authorization for Landgaard to begin an application proposal for the new three-year Flexible Learning Year (FLY) program for 2013 to 2016.

* Baseball/softball field summer rental rates according to teams: church league, $100; VFW and American Legion, $250; WABA, $250; Cubs, $500.

* Resignations of Joelle Newport as deaf and hard of hearing teacher at Prairie Elementary, Matt Sorenson and Tiffany Briggs as education assistant with the EDGE program, Brian Sannes as seventh grade math teacher, eighth-grade basketball coach, and seventh-grade baseball coach at the middle school, Rhina Galvez as paraprofessional at then Area Learning Center, Deb Stoll as special education teacher with the school district, and James Van Horn as art teacher at the ALC.

* Reduction in FTE for Ellen Baker-Merrigan from 0.83 FTE to 0.75 FTE.

* Approved retirement of Cec Burchill as secretary at the ALC.

* Employment of Jessica Larson, Jennifer Bousema, and Marlene Reynaga as educational assistants with the EDGE program, Tiffany Briggs as paraprofessional/food service at the ALC, and Rhina Galvez as secretary at the ALC.

* Overload of 0.083 FTE for Craig Kroger as medical terminology teacher at the high school.

* Acceptance of donation from Prairie Parent Group - Ecology Bus for March 2012.

* Non-renewal probationary teaching contracts for Dave Cummings as physical education teacher at the ALC, and Linnay Yarger as agriculture teacher at the high school.

Daily Globe Reporter Ana Anthony can be reached at 376-7321.