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Column: WCS students busy with extracurriculars

WORTHINGTON -- Extracurricular activities are a big part of a middle schooler's life. At Worthington Christian School, it is no different. Our students are involved in volleyball, soccer, basketball and track. While students often show more interest in athletics, at WCS we also require our students to participate in a speech and spelling contest. These fine art opportunities expose the students to a variety of events and help to round out the extracurricular portion of their education.

At this time, the students are finishing up their basketball seasons. The girls' team was led by a great group of older girls that helped the younger girls get involved and feel comfortable playing the game. The girls had a successful season, coming away with two first-place finishes and one second-place finish in tournaments. They really played as a team and worked hard to always do their best. We will definitely miss our two eighth-grade girls, Ahmitara and Abbi, but we know that they will continue to work hard and do their best at the next level.

The boys team was a younger squad made up mostly of fifth- and sixth-graders with only one seventh-grader this year. The boys worked really hard in each game. The growth of the team through the season was very evident! The boys will be ready for next year and are excited to see what it will bring.

The unique setup that we have of fifth- through eighth-graders playing on one team really helps build a strong bond between the players. They learn exactly what the others are thinking, know how to encourage one another and also know how to challenge each other. God has blessed these students with many gifts whether it is the encourager, the defensive specialist or the offensive threat. It is wonderful seeing them use their gifts each and every game.

Our students participate in a speech and spelling contest where they also can use their gifts in Edgerton with other local Christian schools. The students must participate in the area of speech either by doing a memorized speech, interpretive poetry or a Bible reading. Some students do not find speech to be their specialty and therefore participate in the spelling competition.

At this time the students are busy working on practicing their speeches and preparing for the spelling competition. Each school is also encouraged to submit writings by the students for judging. This event really helps the students get out of their comfort zone and challenges them in a completely different way than sports do.

Just as some might be confident in front of a screaming crowd at a basketball game others are confident in front of a crowd reciting a speech or spelling a difficult word. Both situations require our students to overcome fears that they might have and trust God.

Annette Bosma is the third- and fourth-grade teacher and athletic director at WCS.