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Column: WCS dads share joy of living with their kids

WORTHINGTON -- Being a dad to my child most importantly means making sure my children know why they are a unique part of this world and that their purpose is greater than just being successful or happy in it. In the day-to-day personal moments being a dad means sharing hugs, smiles, laughter, talking with them, snuggling up and reading with them, and sitting at the table to do homework or play a game. It also means making them a priority in my life and involving myself in their lives in any way possible. That's why I value so much being a dad with children at Worthington Christian School (WCS), where I know what I'm doing at home is also happening at school.

On Wednesday, WCS hosted its annual "Donuts with Dads" event. Dads are invited to come to school and sit alongside their children during the morning classes. It's a great time to be there with your child and be able to see a small part of their day.

Every kid is excited when their dad comes in the room, and it was no different for my third-grader. She had a chair beside her desk all ready for me, and gave a big smile with a quick squeeze. As soon as I sat down, she pointed out that she was working on my favorite subject: MATH! So it was easy to jump right in and follow along.

Her teacher was explaining some problems on the board in the front of the room and had every child's attention. With a smaller class size, it was easy for the teacher to involve each of the students with questions and work some problems. All of the kids paid close attention and responded quickly when called upon. They all seemed to enjoy the interaction with their teacher. Then the teacher gave the dads a chance to work some problems with our children. My child enjoyed showing me what she was learning and, of course, the chance to chat a bit. We also spent some time with reading and working on vocabulary. There's not much of a better sound than hearing your child read to you! It was a very special day and one that makes me truly thankful for my child's teachers and WCS.

I also am fortunate enough to be involved on the board at WCS. This is my third year on the board, and it has been rewarding to help make decisions about our school. As a parent, I trust completely the teachers with the day-to-day workings of the school. Our children spend so much time with their teachers and classmates in school, and each parent wants them to have the best experience possible in the classroom.

This is why we chose WCS. Families and extended families get to know the other families and all the students at every age in the school. The teachers become an extended part of each family. What I love most in the school is that everything is centered around Christ, and how each student is taught about the various subjects from a Christian perspective. Starting each school day with prayer and devotions means discussions about God are as important as learning history or reading.

As a board member, I try to know how we can help the teachers be more strategic in their teaching or give them more tools to help them be as intentional in their skills as possible -- or make a life-changing impact on some child's life. Ultimately, I'm just a tool for a greater plan and purpose. Many of the decisions I help make on the board are not just for our school today, but also for a vision of the future.

The future for WCS looks bright! It is growing as an institution of challenging learning by setting the bar high for our students with great rewards. It is flourishing as a community of families who want more for our children -- to build their lives not only academically but personally and spiritually. This is a life-challenging way to be involved in my child's life.

Sometimes the "ins-and-outs" of the inter-workings of the system take the priority of your focus, but after spending the day with my child I know it's not just a "here and now" educational experience. We are very blessed to have Worthington Christian School and the staff that work in it each day -- to make sure our children walk away feeling the love that we want them to feel when not with us at home. WCS is a future life-training experience for the whole being of my child.